Infinitode 2

A great tower defense of great depth called Infinitode 2

Infinitode 2 is a tower defense that is the best we've tried of gender in recent years. A tower defense where the graphics are conceptual and in which the skill tree matters more to improve all our turrets, than to be looking at the beautiful graphics that other games have in style.

An amazing tower defense because of the great depth it has, and that is able to grab you well so you don't stop playing it for weeks. A free game for our mobile of those that come from pearls for the cold days, throw the blanket on top and enjoy your intense games in a relaxed way.

A tower defense that has it all

Infinity 2

It could be said that Infinitode 2 is not the best visually, but yes it is true that that minimalist concept It helps that we do not weigh much for our mobile and we can enjoy your gameplay without a large battery consumption; By the way, there are other tower defense that literally drink it.

Infinitode 2 takes us first to a tutorial where they teach us the basics of tower defense and that apply here mostly. Improvements of the towers, the progress of their experience to provide it with different skills and other options to make the games faster.

Infinity 2

If we have talked about depth, it is because if there is something that characterizes Infinitode 2, it is because his vast skill tree and that in the previous capture you can witness. The truth is that this gives it another dimension and moves it away from other more simple tower defense; in fact we wonder if he is able to improve the great saga Kingdom Rush.

The concept of the minimalism of Infinitode 2

Infinity 2

That is, that all those towers that we are incorporating in the first levels, we can improve them through the skill tree to make it easier for us to progress. And it is that Infinitode 2 is not an easy game and in fact the first levels will cost us to overcome them; and that we have already played enough tower defense not to be rookies.

As in those RPGs with their skill trees, it is important that we take the necessary time to decide in which towers and skills we will spend the points that we will be getting after each victory or defeat.

We already tell you first that you will overcome first Infinitode 2 for all its depth, but this manages to lengthen the game life greatly. And come on, which is what we expect from the new Android games, other than days, but can be our hobby as with those Starcraft, Stardew Valley and others.

A specially designed game in Spanish

Infinity 2

If we go directly to the game itself, although the enemies are geometric shapes of colors, the intensity of the physics of objects is not lacking so that according to our towers they are more powerful, a pyrotechnic spectacle of greater intensity is generated. And all this without doing that effect on the battery that other tower defense does when we have 30 or 40 enemies heading to our base.

Infinity 2

Infinitode 2 is a surprise as a tower defense and falls in love as you play it. We also stayed with his soundtrack and those themes inspired by the electronic music of recreational machines. The truth that gives that special touch to join us in a huge experience. We also love the visual aspect that gives it its touch with a good color palette chosen and that adds many points to find ourselves before one of the best games we have played lately.