7 trucos que no conoces para mejorar la cámara de tu móvil Samsung 1

7 tricks to improve the camera of your Samsung Galaxy mobile

7 tricks you don't know to improve the camera of your Samsung mobile 1

The photographic quality of current telephones has little or nothing to do with that of some years ago. This improvement does not depend solely on hardware aspects: the software is an equally important piece when it comes to taking quality photos. In the case of Samsung phones, the company uses a fairly dignified application that allows us to play with the different parameters of the photograph. Do not, There is no method that allows us to improve Samsung's camera by magic. What we can do is follow a series of indications to obtain the best results depending on the conditions of the scene, indications that we will go on to see below.

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Use the 4: 3 ratio to take picturesIn videos use the 16: 9 ratioActivate video stabilization (or Superestable mode failing)Turn to the HDR to take pictures during the dayScene Optimizer and Composition Suggestions: Your Two Great AlliesInstall Google Camera if your Samsung mobile is compatibleImprove the quality of photos and videos in Google Photos with this trick

Use the 4: 3 ratio to take pictures

Neither 16: 9, nor 1: 1, nor 21: 9: the best ratio to take pictures with our mobile is 4: 3. It is for making use of the maximum resolution of the sensor. After all, the physical shape of the current photographic sensors has a 4: 3 ratio. Make use of other proportions lead to digital clippings that will reduce sensor resolution, and therefore, the final quality of the image.

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In the case of Samsung phones, applying this proportion is as simple as clicking on the corresponding icon in the top bar of the native camera application. We can see it right above this paragraph.

In videos use the 16: 9 ratio

That's right Due to the obsolescence of the 4: 3 ratio on televisions and monitors, the most commonly used option to record videos is 16: 9. In fact, Samsung's own camera application does not allow us to choose a video format beyond 16: 9, 1: 1 21: 9.

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If we are going to make use of the mentioned proportion it is recommended, in addition, use the maximum resolution supported by the sensor. We can configure this parameter in the section Video Resolution in Settings.

Activate video stabilization (or Superestable mode failing)

Are you going to record videos walking or practicing any sport that requires movement? In this case, the best practice is to use the telephone stabilization.

7 tricks you don't know to improve the camera of your Samsung 2 mobile

By clicking on the cogwheel in the upper bar of the camera application we can activate the mentioned option. If the activity requires a higher degree of movement, we will have to resort to the SuperStable mode, which we can activate by clicking on the hand icon that will be shown in the video interface.

This mode reduce the impact of vibrations significantly. By cons, the final quality of the video will be diminished, especially in situations where light is low.

Turn to the HDR to take pictures during the day

The HDR implemented in most phones today is aimed at expand the dynamic range of images in those situations where there are contrasts between lights and shadows. Resorting to this mode can make the difference between a good photo and a bad photo.

7 tricks you don't know to improve the camera of your Samsung 3 mobile