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3 applications to create easy-to-use whatsapp stickers

Have you seen in any group or WhatsApp conversation that a friend, partner or family member uses stickers with his face and you want to know how to do it? Stickers have become a very effective communication option in non-personal digital channels. We show you 3 applications to create easy-to-use stickers for whatsapp.

Top 3 applications to create stickers for WhatsApp for Android and iOS

The stickers are very similar to emojis, but they play more with the expressiveness of a face and not of a drawing. Hence the success of this new functionality in Whatsapp. Then we show you Three practical, simple and complete applications to create your own stickers.

Personal Stickers, one of the first applications to create personalized stickers for WhatsApp

With Personal Stickers You can create up to 30 images or stickers per pack. It is completely free.

And how do you create stickers with my face? Actually, the app makes it very simple. Simply create a new package with name and choose those photos of the galley you want to use to express yourself. It is important to trim the edges so that they look good. And that's it: they are saved and used.

The but that you can put to this free applications to make stickers with your face is that the Editing of convertible images into stickers is not done massively but individually. Yes, it is somewhat heavy but the result is very good. In contrast, It has no publicity. Zero.

Whatsapp stickers

Wemoji, and add texts to reinforce your message

In the case of Wemoji, we find an app with a dynamic very similar to Personal Stickers for Whatsapp. Upload the image, cut it out so that only the face or gesture appears, and you save.

This in the basic function. If we highlight this app as one of the most promising for make your own stickers It is due to the extra functionalities that we do not find in other applications.

For example, although you can make the same number of stickers per sticker packages (30), here you can add a text (with different styles to choose from), and you can also reuse them for other packages, so it is more practical if you are going to create several packages.

The last of the points in favor of this app to create stickers for Whatsapp It is its price: free. Nevertheless, introduce advertising How are you going to generate income?

Sticker Studio, an app to share to everyone

We already have an app that creates photo stickers easily, another one that also you can include text and emoticons, and we are missing the third leg: that you can use it on any device with data connection. This is Sticker Studio.

Is free apps to make stickers it allows you 10 packages maximum with 30 stickers per package, enough, in principle, to generate interesting memes in your WhatsApp conversations.

The creation process is very similar to the two we have seen before: Upload the photo, make the silhouette and export for WhatsApp. However, in this case it adds an interesting novelty: you can Share the package of personalized stickers with your contacts and also through GBoard and have it on all the devices where it is installed.

Important: in any of these free applications, you have to keep in mind that the moment you remove the application, the sticker packs will disappear With your WhatsApp face.

The success of this type of applications lies in the personalization of the message. In front of the cold drawing, a sticker with an expressiveness of a person induces an empathic character that communication for the device lacks for nows.