pokemon GO 2019

2019 has been the best year of Pokmon GO in terms of revenue in its history

pokemon GO 2019

Pokmon GO revolution completely the world more than three years ago, you will see where you will look, you will always see someone trying to catch the famous creatures. Over time, a large number of users stopped playing, precisely when the best news was introduced.

However, Pokemon GO has achieved a rebound that has made the 2019 is the best in its history in terms of revenue. All the news we have seen this year have had their reward and the game is at its best.

A 2019 record for Pokmon GO

As usual, our friends from Tower sensor They are the ones who have offered us this magnificent data. As they have confirmed, Pokmon GO entered in 2019 894 million dollars, which represents a growth of 10% with respect to the already good revenues of the year 2018.

pokemon GO revenue

As can be seen in the table above, the first year Pokmon GO broke all records exceeding 830 million dollars in revenue, despite having been released in the middle of the year. The following year, in 2017, the data fell due to each in the number of players, however both 2018 and now 2019 have meant significant growth which makes the past ao the best in the history of the game.

In addition, Pokmon GO is an exceptional case different from that of most mobile games since generates more revenue on Android than on iOS. According Tower sensor, Android users spent $ 482 million, while App Store users spent $ 412 million on the game. Something that should be logical, since Google Play represents 69% of downloads in 2019.

Pokmon Go

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If we do a pass analysis, Pokmon GO got most of your 2019 income in the United States, where he raised 335 million dollars, 38%. Japan ranked second with 286 million dollars, which accounts for 32% of the total, and Germany completed the podium with 54 million dollars, or 6% of total revenue.

Best of all for Pokmon GO is that in this 2020 many new things are expected, like the recent "Adventures with your partner" mode or the multiplayer combat mode that will arrive this year with the Pokmon League.