We tell you how to try the new effects of Boomerang on Instagram

We tell you how to try the new effects of Boomerang on Instagram

The quintessential social photo network, Instagram, has three new effects for its Boomerang camera format, and here we tell you how to use them to have new and more creative ways to share special moments.

First, if you use this tool on the platform, you know that it allows you to share videos that have no end, that is, clips that reproduce an action from front to back, and vice versa, continuously. The new effects described below follow this line, but they add a new finish, depending on what you choose.

  • Slow motion As the name implies, the content plays at half the speed of a normal Boomerang clip, which further accentuates the action.
  • Echo. The object or subject in action leaves a translucent trail, depending on the movement it makes. Yes, it is as if it were an echo, but instead of sound, of image.
  • Do. Do you remember how the image looks when a VHS is rewound? Well, this new effect, to some extent, reminds us of that action, but without so much noise.

In the following video, you can see how each of the new Boomerang options look:

To use the new effects, all you have to do is activate the Boomerang camera format, take the action you are interested in and click on the infinity symbol, located at the top.

In addition to visualizing the three new effects, you also see what the social network calls trimming, so that you indicate more precisely where you want to start and end your video.

Once you have your content with which you consider the best option, click on Ready, in the upper right. If you want it, add stickers or other elements, and share your clip in your story or value one of your friends.

Can't you see the new effects? The only thing you should do is update Instagram, as the company releases them for their entire user community.

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