We show you the best paintball guns in the market

We show you the best paintball guns in the market

The tactical nature of paintball makes it a fun and dynamic way to do some exercise and let off steam. The game requires physical ability and is an excellent way to develop problem solving and -release- other cognitive skills. if you want to get fully into this entertaining world, here we show you the best paintball guns you can buy. You can choose between models such as the aggressive style Tippmann Cronus, or the Dye M3 + to the Walther; There is one type of gun for each user.

Take a look

  • The best low cost: Tippmann Cronus
  • The best small chassis: Empire Paintball Mini GS
  • The best for the weather: Planet Eclipse Etha 2
  • The best for Hyperfast Play: Empire Paintball BT Dfender
  • The best Splurge: Dye M3 + MOSair Paintball Marker
  • Best gun: Umarex T4E Walther PPQ
  • Best long distance: Tippmann A5 Sniper
Tippman gun

The Tippmann Cronus range is an excellent way for beginners to access the game with a reliable gun that won't ruin them. It is also a great option as a secondary gun with high-end features and many customization options for the future.

Includes a removable tank shield with plenty of room for customization, including red dots and grips. The composite housing is very durable and with an aggressively tactical style. It is very balanced and a system of aligned bolts keeps things in place and durable over time.

It is a reliable option for beginners and intermediate users who want experience with a tactical style gun but are not willing to make the leap to a high-end model. In addition, as you increase your skills, Tippmann offers many customization options.

Empire gun

The Mini GS is an excellent alternative for players who want speed and precision without carrying a lot of weight. This version comes with improved grips and an aluminum tank. Despite its small size, it has a weather-resistant chassis and a self-lubricating brush to pull the trigger less.

Removing the tank with a single button is simple, but you will have to remove a screw to reach the controlled pressure engine. Minimal recoil and very little noise prevent it from revealing your position, while multiple shooting options offer many possibilities in your angle of attack. You can customize some things internally to best suit your unique style and game circumstances.

Do not be comfortable for larger frames because the lightweight material can be slightly unconnected without the correct size. However, if you don't like big guns, this can be an excellent alternative.

Etha 2 gun

The Etha 2 is a very reliable and versatile paintball gun with a lot of technology to ensure that you play with advantage. It has .68 caliber with an ultra durable chassis and a patented Gamma Core reel valve to withstand all types of terrain and weather. Cold or hot, this gun will always be ready to fire.

It has an ultra sensitive trigger with a holeless system to prevent leaks and all connected to a microswitch. A fully adjustable circuit board allows you more control, so switching between shooting modes is more natural. LED indicators are universal to monitor the configuration.

If you usually play outdoors in all kinds of weather, this is an excellent option. It allows you a lot of freedom to play without worrying about temperature changes or other environmental contingencies.

Empire Dfender Pistol

For those looking for a clean line of sight, the BT Dfender adopts a unique and aggressive-style approach: it removes the charger from its typical location, at the top of the gun, and places it in the cylinder head. The result is a gun with a wide line of sight.

The selector allows five shooting modes, while the housing is ultra durable to withstand different weather conditions. It fits very well on your arm for shooting mode while you're on the move, and hyper-fast shooting will certainly help you without sacrificing accuracy.

You get a simple but ultra-fast gaming experience for when you are immobilized and you need to have a significant impact quickly and accurately. In addition, aggressive style looks great in action.

Dye gun

The M3 + is one of the most advanced options in the market with a price that matches its benefits, but it certainly does not compensate. You can customize almost every aspect of this gun with a range of finishes.

The gun has no exposed screws or plates, but instead opts for the Dye’s Slide And Lock Airport (SLAP). It offers optimized flow control and a two-speed function with a smooth initial release for greater accuracy and a speed-up operation for tracking. The BWing21 Mag-Reach trigger adds firing speed with reduced feedback. It is without a doubt the paintball gun of the future.