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We present you the best commercials of the Super Bowl 2020

Next Sunday, February 2, we will see the five-time Super Bowl winners, San Francisco 49ers, take on the Vince Lombardi Trophy with the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that won its first and only Super Bowl in 1970, but arrives With much ambition and desire to be crowned as the best of 2020.

Like every year, this issue 54 of the Super Bowl promises to be very exciting not only for the game itself and for being in Miami, but also for the great show that will take place at halftime and of course: the expected commercials of the Super 2020 bowl.

Regularly, the big brands and companies want to have a participation in this sporting event through very original commercials, with great productions or even with the presence of well-known artists, in order to entertain and hypnotize the thousands of viewers who tune in to the Super Bowl

In previous years, there have been several commercials that have remained in the minds of viewers, the big question is what surprises will the 2019 Super Bowl commercials bring? Next, we tell you everything we know about these ads.


Confused electric hummer

General Motors definitely made a good play. Take advantage of the carob of the Super Bowl 2020 to show through a 46-second commercial what will be the return of the Hummer, but this time completely electric.

Through the commercial you not only see some external images of the SUV, but also ensure that it is a silent and powerful model. In addition, it was announced that the release date will be next May 20, in the NFL final.


How was the world without Alexa?

In this commercial, we see the couple formed by the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi, in certain imaginary and very funny situations, who do not recreate what life was like in the past without Alexa.

After seeing this commercial, you will surely be very happy to live in this time.


The return of Josh Jacobs

About the fever for the 2020 Super Bowl, Kia decided to make an appearance with a commercial where not only shows his new SUV Seltos AWD, but also the motivating life of rookie American football runner Josh Jacobs.

In this commercial, Jacobs returns to his hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma, to offer his younger self some powerful words of inspiration. Josh's trip took him from a homeless young man to a first-round pick, a demonstration that nothing is impossible.

Budweiser and Uber

Whassup reaches all the devices in your home again

The famous Budweiser beer brand and one of the most popular shared transport services of the moment, Uber, come together to create this advertising about the 2020 Super Bowl and show how fun your home devices are by saying Whassup.

But not only that, but also make it clear how important it is, not to forget your beer to enjoy, but at the same time, be responsible and not drive your car, for that there is Uber.


Mr. Peanut dies in 2020

It is a tradition that the brand of man or peanut, Planters, makes its appearance with some fun commercial related to the Super Bowl and this year was no exception.

The publicity shows how the great giant peanut known as Mr. Peanut drives a peanut-shaped car (for a change) with nothing more and nothing less than the action hero Wesley Snipes (Blade) and comedy actor Matthew Paul Walsh (Veep) of companions. Everything seems normal until, they find an armadillo on the road and to dodge it they get out of the way, which makes these three characters stay in an extreme situation.

To avoid a greater evil, the peanut is sacrificed by his friends. We are sure that the Super Bowl day will check if Mr. Peanut inevitably died or rise from the near impossible.


The great success of Mc Hammer

In a 15-second teaser, everything seems to indicate that Mc Hammer's great success in 1989 (and still playing and making him famous) was created while eating the famous Cheetos and that characteristic orange color, known as Cheetle It was impregnated in his hands.

Surely, on February 2, this story will continue.

TurboTax 2020

“All People Are Tax People

The seemingly complete advertising of TurboTax reminds us of everything the human is capable of doing to achieve their goals, no matter how difficult they may seem. And of course, take the opportunity to remind us, that, although some create that is complicated, preparing taxes for yourself and TurboTax is simple and possible.

Without counting on the part you can get up to money back.

Mountain dew

The shining

As with the 1989 horror classic, The Shining, the new Mountain Dew advertising, shows someone writing on a typewriter repeatedly and with a suspense music equal to that of the movie “Mountain Dew Zero Sugar As good as the original, maybe even better? ”

Everything culminates with the great expected date: February 2, 2020.


Saving lives through 5G

Although in this 30-second teaser, the telephone operator made it clear that 5G is not currently available in all places, said that one of the great advances that achieve the 5G that they are implementing is that it can save lives.

Pop tarts

Jonathan Van Ness despairs

While arranging a table with different snacks, the Queer Eye television show cleaning expert Jonathan Van Ness notes his despair at some pretzels that aesthetically do not convince him.

Bud Light Seltzer

Seltzer, Pennsylvania

In this teaser, the mayor of the apparent city Seltzer in Pennsylvania, you are sure to love the new presentation of Bud Light Seltzer.


The Boston accent from Rachel Dratch and Big Papi

In this commercial we see comedian Rachel Dratch (SNL) trying to teach former Boston Red Sox player David “Big Papi” Ortiz, how to say “Bahhhhstahn”.

Apparently with a little slowness and explaining it with some sports technique, everything is possible.


Old town road

Old town road It was a great success for rapper Lil Nas X in 2019.

That is why it should not surprise us that Doritos has decided to relate the flavor of Cool Ranch with that theme. So far, two trilers have been released, one with actor Sam Elliott (A Star Is Born) reciting the lyrics of the song, and another with Lil Nas X himself on his way to the city.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on February 1, 2020.

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