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Virtual reality allows to unite a mother with her deceased daughter

It is said that technology and its advances are deteriorating humanity, since they are alienating the human being with machines. Another current argues that technology is not bad or good, but rather depends on the use that is given.

Maybe this last adage is this story: since in a Korean TV show called Meeting You, and with the use of virtual reality, a mother was able to reunite with her deceased daughter.

In a room with a green screen, and with the use of VR glasses and special gloves to feel the touch, the mother could spend time with her seven-year-old dead daughter, caress her, see her and feel that she can be close to her again.

Jang Ji-sung, mother of four children referred to the sensations after meeting her dead daughter through this videogame programming.

“Maybe it's a true paradise. I met Nayeon, who called me with a smile, for a very short time, but it's a very happy moment. I think I had the dream I always wanted. ”

The Ajudaily medium reveals a dialogue that could be even a little scary.

“I missed Mam a lot,” Jang replied: “I also missed you.” The mother was cautious to touch her daughter before Nayeon insisted, “Mom, please, take my hand.” Jang finally held her hand. daughter in hers with tears on her face. Nayeon's father, brother and sister saw the encounter they had dreamed next to the virtual stage, also crying. ”

Many already debate whether this experiment is ethical or not and the implications it could have on the loss of loved ones.

Is it perhaps a way to lessen the pain of the death of a close being, allow these virtual recreations and somehow communicate with them?

Or is it perhaps questionable to use virtual reality techniques to return a person to a physical space that he already lost because of his bodily death?

Other people think that this could potentially be a vile business, since thousands of funeral homes will offer money to connect with your loved ones who are no longer there.

The truth is that beyond looking like a chapter of Black Mirror (there is one in particular where a young woman communicates with her dead partner through an app on the cell phone), this reality has arrived and may become a trend.

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