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They create blood vessels with 3D printing


Since China is an important part of the 3D printing industry and bioprinting is the most important new process that can be seen on the horizon, it was not surprising that they came together to make way for one of the most significant advances in the world of technology and medicine.

According to the biotechnology company Sichuan Revotek Co., Ltd, located in Chengdu, in Sichuan province in China, they are responsible for becoming the first producer of 3D printed blood vessels.

Although the concept of bioprinting is clear with respect to use of 3D printers to facilitate the manufacture of live tissue and cellular structures, what has really been a challenge so far is to find the tools and materials that can be used to carry out the process.

Now, Sichuan Revotek company claims not only to have discovered how to print blood vessels but also to have an armed plan to achieve it. They say they have been able to produce a complete package consisting of Bio-ink technology, 3D printers and even a cloud computing platform.

The research and development of this program was led by James Kang, who gave some basic information about blood vessels. These are a complex and crucial part in the bioprinting process, since they are the vehicles through which food travels to the organs. Therefore, if scientists expect to be able to produce 3D printed organs very soon, they will have to be able to also create these elements for the manufacture of organs.

Building a solid foundation for 3D printing is very important, since with the advances of this technology the scientists they can transform the process of organ transplants. Therefore, it is possible that long waiting lists and organ rejection problems are eliminated because 3D printing offers solutions based on the specific tissue of each patient.

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