The first Xiaomi with Android Go is approaching

The first Xiaomi with Android Go is approaching

With the launch of Android Go, the Android version that promises great optimization in terms of storage and applications, companies have begun to prepare their input or low-end devices for the upcoming market launches.

We already commented on one whose price is around 80 dollars, but maybe now Xiaomi is the brand that joins this line of economic smartphones that run on Android Go.

At the moment it is only known about a specific filtration that has come out of a certification made by the Communication Development Authority of Singapore in which it is appreciated that the name of the device will be Xiaomi Redmi Go.

Image goes Nashville Chatter

Also with information from NashvilleChatter we know that the following technical characteristics have been speculated:

  • 5.9 inch screen
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Single main camera

About the price is only known by the rumors that the device will be launched by March of next year for Europe with an approximate cost of 100 euros.

The information in this regard is still somewhat cloudy, but as soon as we know something more about this next low range we will surely bring the note. You who think of these new devices made for Android Go? Leave your opinion in the comment box, we are reading.