The European Union votes in favor of the universal cell phone charger

The European Union votes in favor of the universal cell phone charger

In an indite vote, the European Union (EU) approved this Thursday, January 30, a resolution presented and discussed in previous days that established a universal charger for the area.

For the most part, the measure calls into question Apple's objections, which reproached the approach for considering it impracticable and impractical from the outset.

The members of the European Parliament voted for 582-40 in favor of this resolution that urges the European Commission, which draws up EU laws, to ensure that consumers of Eurozone-affiliated countries are not obliged to buy New chargers with each new device.

The resolution said that voluntary agreements in the industry had significantly reduced the number of types of chargers, but had not resulted in a common standard.

In July should be the first applications of the measure, which is based on the reduction of electronic waste.

"It is based on an urgent need for EU regulatory measures to reduce electronic waste, empower consumers to make sustainable decisions and allow them to participate fully in an efficient and well functioning internal market."

The types of chargers supported in the cell phones of the European Union include the standards Micro-USB, USB-C and the Lightning connector, however, the latter is the least likely to become the universal standard, since the Most devices work with USB-C.

Through a statement, Apple expressed its opposition to the measure:

"It will create an unprecedented volume of electronic waste and will be a major inconvenience for users," said Cupertino.

Another of the things that the EuroCmara asks about this point and other related:

  • measures to ensure the interoperability of the various wireless chargers with different mobile devices
  • study legislative initiatives to increase the volume of cables and Chargers collected and recycled in the member states
  • ensure that consumers do not continue to buy a new charger with each device new. According to the European Parliament, this strategy should be deployed in parallel to the common carrier and without carrying higher prices.

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