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The best free apps for iPhone for a limited time today

iPhone 11 free apps 2020

One more day, today's free applications arrive, and some are really interesting. Developers occasionally offer these types of offers in their apps and you have to take advantage of them before they end. These applications that we show you below they usually cost money, are paid, but for a while you can download them completely free on your iPhone or iPad.

Best of all, once you download them for free, they will be yours forever, even if there are future updates or deletions, you can always reinstall them at no cost. Ready?

The best free apps today January 29

Math Racer Deluxe

Math Racer is by far the mathematical speed test application faster on the App Store. Our simple interface removes all possible barriers between your brain and your reaction time. All times are measured at the hundredth of a second to have more fun.

Catch a Color Deluxe Ball Drop

Catch the colored balls with colored cubes Matching by touching the left or right side of the screen, catch the wrong color in a cube and make no mistake.

Fast camera

A photo app to make bursts quickly, up to 1,500 photos per minute. You can also save and export only the best photos taken.


A calendar app like you've never seen. Kron's impressive holistic vision allows you to easily find the patterns and rhythms of his weeks, months and even years, and his intuitive visual presentation will help you detect the moments in which you are most busy, as well as the moments in which you have more space to plan new things.

Xmart Calculator Pro

A calculator app With many functions for different types of users, capable of solving almost any type of problem.

Interactive Minds: Solar System

The perfect way for Children experience the Solar System in a practical way. This interactive science book contains 58 pages and is full of images, videos and interactive simulations.

These have been the best applications that today have become free in the App Store, hurry to download them on your iPhone or iPad before they return to their original price.