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The best ads of each iPad generation for its 10th anniversary

iPad Pro 2018

Today we are celebrating, the iPad celebrates 10 years in the market and have been years of incredible evolution towards the 4 models that we currently have in the market. The iPad has gone from being a single device on a screen size to have 4 categories and 5 different screen sizes.

To celebrate these 10 years with us, what better to see the most prominent ads of each of the iPad generations. In these ads you can also see the different approach that Apple has been giving to one of its most important devices.

The best iPad ads

The iPad has changed a lot in 10 years, and the ads too. Although in the end Apple has always tried to show us the great number of things you can do from an iPad comfortably.

original iPad

The first ad showed many of the functions of the new Apple device: photos, books, surf the internet, read emails, create documents or watch movies. This announcement was shown for the first time during the Oscars.

iPad 2

The second generation was presented with a more sentimental ad, "This is what we believe." An ad that seems quite current, both for its design and its narrative.

iPad 3 generation

The retina display He took all the looks of the new iPad and his ads focused on how incredibly good this screen looks.

iPad 4 generation and iPad mini

These two devices were released together and share the vast majority of your specifications. It is the first time an iPad is launched that does not have a 9.7-inch screen. Again we have ads showing the capabilities of the devices.

It is also worth seeing this again another announcement presented the iPad mini, the same iPad but smaller.

iPad Air

The iPad was replaced by the iPad Air, an incredibly light and thin device that Apple promoted with an unforgettable announcement: hidden behind a pencil.

iPad Air 2

Again we return to show the possibilities of the iPad, in this case we see different uses of the iPad Air 2, from creating stop-motion videos to writing works and taking notes in a meeting.

iPad Pro

New screen change, in this case up with a panel of almost 13 inches. In addition the Apple Pencil also arrives, and in this announcement everything is reflected.

iPad Pro 2 generation

What is a computer? This announcement reveals that new generations prefer an iPad over a computer, since it is also capable of making amazing creations.