The 15 best DOS games you can play for free

The 15 best DOS games you can play for free

It is possible that MS-DOS is not what it is just in the days, but there are still some incredible games that are available on the platform. If you suddenly feel nostalgic and want to try some of the classic games of the golden days of the games, you are at home because we bring you the best DOS games you can play at any time. Below are the 15 best MS-DOS games that everyone should play at least once in a lifetime.

1. Command and Conquest

If you have ever wanted to play with a very large and infinite group of toy soldiers and tanks, then you will fall in love with the classic Command & Conquer game available for MS-DOS. This is an old-school tactical strategy game where you must be more cunning than the enemy in battle. You have an army and you are at war with your enemy. You have to use your strategic skills to defeat your enemy and win the war. You can use all the resources and firepower at your disposal to win the battle and, ultimately, the war.

2. Prince of Persia

The classic game about a prince who is trapped in a dungeon and has to jump, cut and fight to get out of there. He has been kidnapped and imprisoned by the evil emperor and his only way out is to escape the dungeons by solving puzzles and fighting the dungeon guards. The Prince of Persia game is very addictive and can be even a bit frustrating at times when you can't jump from one platform to another and fall to death. Help the prince to escape and recover his throne in this classic DOS game.

3. tremor

One of the best first person shooter games of all time is Quake. This game received the best reviews from players around the world and adapted to many game systems due to its high popularity. You are stuck with different monsters and your job is to find the exit door of each level and shoot every monster that gets in your way. You can also play in multiplayer mode with your friends in cooperative mode or death-to-death mode with each other. This game is a lot of fun for everyone.


DOOM is definitely the pioneer in 3D first-person games that brought a lot of elements to this genre that are still used by many popular first-person shooting games. This game is about a space marine that goes face to face against demons and monsters. You have to knock down each and every one of them. Multiplayer mode is similar to Quake and you can face your friends in local gaming networks. The game is very addictive and offers a very rewarding gaming experience for lovers of first-person shooting.

5. Budokan

Everyone loves Karate Kid. Everyone wants to be the next Karate Kid and become the best in the world of martial arts. Well, Budokan is your way of becoming the next Karate Kid, however, you will not be a child at all and there will not be a single mentor for you. You can learn different martial arts in this game and become the teacher of as many people as you want. Participate in the world championships to become the champion. The gameplay is largely focused on the fight, but you have to learn each fighting style and overcome it to beat the opponents in this game.

6. Duke Nukem 3D

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