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Soon you can send money by WhatsApp, also in Spain

send money whatsapp

Send and receive money with the mobile It is becoming more common. Technologies such as the NFC, increasingly included in more smartphones, such as these Xiaomi; the classic QR code; cryptocurrencies; or just our accounts on platforms such as PayPal or Bizum, are enough to be able to mobilize our money without problem.

Services and electronic payment technologies exist by the dozen, and each day the list increases more with new options. But, What will happen if we tell you that soon you can send money by WhatsApp? Well yes, everything points to that coming soon to be a reality in Spain.

Make payments by WhatsApp Pay, on trial since 2018

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The WhatsApp payments they are not something new, in fact, they have been trying on the Indian market for more than a year. Specifically, it is an option that was enabled in early 2018, and has been very well received by users.

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook Inc. has long said that the test was a success. People who have tried the service have left very positive comments. All signs point to many people wanting to use this system. In the next five years, we will focus on building the business ecosystem around the messenger on WhatsApp and Messenger.

The test period covered more than one million users in India, which allowed polishing the platform and giving way to a test in the United States. Now, developers believe that security flaws have been reduced enough, and that it is time to launch the platform officially in other countries.

Spain will be one of the first countries to receive WhatsApp payments

According to the WaBetaInfo Twitter account, Spain can receive WhatsApp payments in no time. Users can send money to their friends, as well as to businesses, easily and without worries once this happens.

The source does not specify when to happen exactly, so we stay with a simple soon. However, it would not be surprising if it was really soon, since this account has succeeded numerous times on new functions of the messenger application.

They also inform that, together with Spain, payments by WhatsApp will arrive in the next months to United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico and India (which already has them). This move of card will be integrated to Facebook Pay, the payment system of the social network, which hopes to gather all its social platforms under a single money transfer service.

How do payments work through WhatsApp?

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Although the platform has not been officially launched yet, details about the money transfer process are known between people, and companies, through the instant messenger app.

To function, be necessary affiliate a card or account banking service, as well as having an active WhatsApp account. When registering, each user receive a associated QR code to your account, to be the one to send to your contacts so they can pay you. Simple, true?

According to the developers, WhatsApp be much more oriented to the sending of money between individuals, through a simple method to make and receive payments. It will also focus on small daily expenses, but do not rule out that it can be used by businesses perfectly.