Rollei Pro Display the ultimate protection for your camera's screen

Rollei Pro Display the ultimate protection for your camera's screen


A small blow against the edge of a table, an unexpected one or a scratch are some of the situations that they can cause partial or total breakage of the screen of a camera, and as a result, an expensive repair or replacement thereof.

Our photographic cameras deserve the greatest protection for what we demand, to avoid such consequences, Rollei, a German company specializing in the manufacture of photographic products and accessories, presents Rollei Pro Display Protection, a new screensaver for cameras with which professionals and amateurs will keep their most precious work tool safe.

This thin sheet of optical glass, only 0.3 mm thick, is unbreakable and resistant to possible shocks and scratches that the camera screen may suffer.

Just place it on the screen and fix it by pressing lightly with your finger, the protection will be fixed with an adhesive force of 130 g / m, forming a uniform whole together with the screen. The Rollei Pro Display Protection It repels dust and sweat, is anti-glare and anti-aging and offers a translucency greater than 95%.

This protection is also suitable for touch and rotating screens of more than 50 camera models of the brands Canon, Fuji, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony.

Its six layers (thin cleaning layer, 0.3 mm glass, frame, combined layer, unbreakable layer and silicone adhesive) make it a firm and resistant protection difficult to overcome.

In addition to the screen protector, the kit includes a cleaning wipe, a card to take off the protection of the screen if necessary and the installation instructions.Its recommended price is 19.99 , and is available on the website of Kaos Entertainment, or the Rollei online store.

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