Night mode reaches more Google applications with dark colors

Night mode reaches more Google applications with dark colors

Android customization has a clear protagonist. Well, it has several, but one of the main ones is the night mode or dark mode, a radical modification of the interface that focuses on having a black background with clear elements and texts.

This type of aesthetic is liked by many Android users, who have been asking Google to implement a night mode in the system natively. Android currently changes the taskbar depending on the wallpaper we use, but it is not as radical as many would like.

The company is currently testing versions of its applications with changed colors. Some, like YouTube, already have this option available, others are still in development.

Dark mode reaches Google Feed

The last application to receive these colors from the interface is Google Feed, which has turned dark on many users' mobiles as we read on Reddit.

It is striking that these tests are not being carried out only on mobiles such as Pixels but also on other models of other manufacturers, such as the Essential Phone. But this test is not limited to Android Pie since some users have seen it in models like the Note 8 with Android Oreo.

At the moment, as you see in the images that users have published, most of the interface looks good but there are problems, as in the weather widget, when not changing the tones of the elements and when the background darkens, its use is impossible.

Everything indicates that Google is updating all its applications one by one with these colors so that when you decide to implement the dark mode on Android there is no app that is not able to go according to this aesthetic. Maybe we will see it in the presentation of Google Pixel 3 as a differentiating element of these terminals?