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New sand map, new mode and much more in PUBG Mobile 0.16.5

PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games is determined to add content every bit to its great PUBG Mobile. This time we have version 0.16.5 which, apart from bringing with it the new season of the Pass Royale, comes with a new Domination mode and a new Arena map.

Apart from these novelties PUBG Mobile in its new update brings some improvements and news less important, but worth mentioning. A game in a huge state of form and that has become one of the most played from an Android mobile.

Season 11 Royale Pass: Operation Tomorrow

Season 11

The new season of PUBG Mobile has been called as Operation Tomorrow and brings with it a whole good quantity of new cosmetic objects with which to customize our hero of unclean battles. From the official website Tencent Games has created its own section in which you can find all the objects that we will unlock when we reach the different levels from 0 to 100 that the royale pass allows us.

We highlight a new helmet at level 20 that looks great and another series of cosmetic objects such as whole sets and a new skin for the M416; and that will delight many. What annoys us a lot are the stelae and those graffiti that few use and that are another object of filling to reward the players who unlock boxes and use their euros daily.

Pass Royale 11

Nor do we despise a skin for one of PUBG Mobile's most recognized vehicles And that is none other than the buggy. The truth is that it is not easy to unlock skins for vehicles, so this time it deserves to go to checkout to buy the Pass royale.

The second set will be found at level 30, and will be in 50 where we will have another skin for the plane. That is, this time it seems that Tencent Games are being more kind and if in the last two seasons they have been criticized for the lack of good skins and cosmetic objects, this time it seems that they have been cured.

The news of the PUBG Mobile update

Domination mode

The new Arena map is called Pueblo and we must control certain areas until we can go to the final and thus add a new victory with our team. We also have another new domination mode and that will lead us to tactics to know how to defend those points said or undertake the final assault when we have already dominated two zones.

With this new mode of domination and the new town map PUBG Mobile wants to emphasize the use of quick games and that is something that has always been attributed to this type of games. Even with Sanhok, the games do not usually last less 20 minutes, and if we take one or two, we almost have the time. What usually takes a lot of time in the day to day, so these quick modes come perfect for when we only have a while to play.

Sand map

It has also been brought back training camp and that it is the perfect place to try that new interface with four fingers or those new weapons that these updates usually bring; although in this we have none as far as we can see.

Yes, a new vehicle for Vikendi is included and it is a light snowmobile for the classic mode. A new season in PUBG Mobile which lacks hours for the shotgun to start and you can use your card for the royale pass. Remember that if you have used other passes before, they allow you to reduce their price and even get boxes of 500 points to move faster.