More pokeparadas and gyms. Pokemon GO wings with Seven Eleven

More pokeparadas and gyms. Pokemon GO wings with Seven Eleven

Although many users, including myself, have left Pokemon GO aside for a while now there is no doubt that the game has grown quite a lot since its inception. The new generations added, the events and new techniques within the game have led it to be one of the best – actually augmented – in app stores.

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This growth is of course translated in the arrival of more improvements and now in Latin America an agreement has been established with which there will be many more pokeparadas, gyms and special events. This from the hand of 7 Eleven stores.

As you did, Nintendo is already reputed to collaborate with this chain in Japan for the sale of some of its titles and in Latin America they will now represent a new location to collect resources, capture legendary pokemon and as mentioned there will be other special events.

The strategy looks pretty good since while Pokemon GO improves the user experience – at least those with one of these stores nearby – 7 Eleven may have a larger customer acquisition with all the pokefans that approach its surroundings. In total there will be more than 1,800 new locations Throughout Mexico and the chain of stores will be responsible for informing special events through their social networks.

Call me in the comment box that you think about this alliance and if you are still inside Pokemon GO trying to complete the pokedex of each city. I will be reading you.

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