Meet all the new features of Safari on iPadOS 13

Meet all the new features of Safari on iPadOS 13

Apple's new iPadOS, now independent of the iPhone's iOS 13 mobile operating system, offers the iPad more flexibility, more capabilities and a style more similar to a desktop computer. One of the most benefited with these improvements is the Safari browser. With iPadOS 13, Safari has ceased to be a mobile browser to become something that is in tune with the look, feel and functionality of Desktop Safari. And it is no coincidence that with the same iPadOS Apple has optimized new features of Assisted Touch that now allow you to use a Bluetooth mouse with the iPad, in addition to an Apple Pencil or your fingers, making it easier to use the iPad as if it were a laptop The interfaces of Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, YouTube and other applications now work similarly to your Mac versions. What else? Let's take a look at some of the new tricks designed specifically for Safari on iPadOS 13.

Display Menus

Now you have many more options to view Internet pages in Safari on the iPad. Look at the AA button (the display menu) to the left of the URL field. Clicking will show you a list of controls. You can zoom only in the text, as in a desktop browser. Touch the larger A to increase the size of the text without zooming in the entire page. You can also move away from the text or choose the reader view. This menu allows you to hide or show toolbar by touching near the top edge of the screen. And if you prefer the mobile version of a site, you can also see it.

Individual site settings

Individual settings in Safari on iPadOS 13

With iPadOS and Safari, a new menu called Site Settings allows you to adjust your browser to individual sites, just like in the desktop version of the browser. You can choose between Desktop site Y Mobile site. You can choose to use Reader View automatically on any page where it is available. You can alter the permissions of the functions and data of your iPad, activating or deactivating the camera, the microphone or your location, or choosing To block, Allow or Always ask when you browse a specific site that wants to use the features of your tablet.

Download Manager

At the top of the toolbar, a new download menu allows you to control the files you want to download to your tablet. Click on it to see your downloads, as you will in the desktop version. You can see a list of previous downloads or the progress of a current download. You can also delete the list or touch the magnifying glass cone to move the download to the Downloads folder of the Files application. If you don't see the download button immediately, try downloading a file; That will make it appear.

File Upload Controls

You can upload files to various sites from your iPad. The images are particularly flexible with the iPadOS 13. If you choose an image from your file, you can adjust the size. At the bottom of the window, you can choose the section Choose image size to choose Big, Median, Small or Real size, as you will do in Mac Safari.

Action in the eyelashes

The tabs have an important role in the productivity of the desktop browser; Therefore, it is no surprise that there are new tools available to make your life easier in the iPadOS Safari. If you have several tabs open and you want to find one, now with a search you will find what you are looking for along with a function of Switch to pestaa (also new in MacOS Catalina) to access the tab. If you touch a tab and hold it, you will discover even more options. You can organize tabs by title or by site. You can also save all your tabs as bookmarks; Hold the Bookmarks button in the upper left corner of the window and choose Add markers for tabs.

Sharing options

The Share function now has a button Options which allows you to share an internet page as a PDF or as a web file. Automatic configuration gives you a link that you can share, but you can also choose the best format to share, depending on the destination.

Full Page Capture

Capturing a complete page is easy in the iPadOS Safari. Simply press the start button and the standby / activation button at the same time and see a preview in the lower left corner of the screen. Touch this preview and you can choose between screen or Full page. With Full page You can move with a sidebar. You can also bookmark important content within the page, share it with the button Share or save it as a file.

Better multitasking functions

Multitasking features of Safari on iPadOS 13

One of the best new features of the iPadOS is that it now lets you use two versions of the same application on a split screen. That is useful with Safari to increase productivity. For example, having two Safari pages open you can see a search on the internet and a Google document. You can also link Safari pages with other applications, such as Notes, in multiple windows. In addition, Safari allows you to access all toolbar options in all windows when using split screen mode.

Keyboard shortcuts

Not everyone likes keyboard shortcuts, but for those who use them, there are quite a few opportunities with the iPadOS. The new iPadOS offers users an experience of desktop-style shortcuts in Safari using an Apple Smart Keyboard or keyboards manufactured by third parties. These are some of the main keyboard shortcuts of iPadOS.

Use default font size in Reader (-0) Open background link (-tocar) Open download manager (-Alt)
Open link in a new window (-Top-touch) Search the selected text (-E) Send page by mail (-I)
Open link in new tab (-Shift-touch) Reduce font size () Zoom in (- +)
Zoom out () Save page (-S) Change focused item (Alt-Tab)
Smart Finder (-Alt -F) Ignore web view in application (-W) Increase font size (- +)
Download file (Alt-touch) Add link to reading list (Shift-touch) Close tabs in the background (-Alt-W)
Scroll (arrows) Paste plain text (-Shift-Alt-V) New private tab (-Shift-N)
Actual size (-0) Open search result (-Enter) Open favorites (-Alt-1)

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