Asphalt 9 mac

Legends is now available on the Mac AppStore

Asphalt 9 mac

Although Mario Kart Tour is currently very popular among car video games and is Nintendo's greatest success in mobile devices, always exist a very special place for the Gameloft game: Asphalt.

Asphalt has always stood out as one of the best games graphics, gameplay and with a trajectory that has generated thousands of dollars in earnings within the AppStore. We can even say that he is one of the most loved pioneers in video games available for mobiles. So much so that it currently has nine official deliveries that are still valid among the gamers and was one of the winners of the Apple Design Awards.

Asphalt 9 with Catalyst

During WWDC 2019 Apple showed Asphalt 9 developers as members of its program called Catalyst, which is the initiative to bring iOS and iPadOS applications to macOS. Subsequently and without an announcement explaining the situation, Apple removed them from its website.

Among the uncertainty of what was happening and if this was a problem directly with the applications or with Catalyst surprisingly with Asphalt 9, DC Universe was also removed, which increased speculation and the disappointment of not being able to have the game on Mac. Little Gameloft later announced that the launch of Asphalt 9: Legends for Mac is still in its plans.

Asphalt 9 for Mac

Asphalt 9 is now available

After some setbacks Asphalt 9 has finally arrived in the Mac App Store. Currently users who were already players they can transfer the information directly to your Mac. For this they must have an account created to login using their Apple account.

Although there are some users that have reported some bugs to synchronize the game between iOS and Catalyst, Gameloft has already said that the connection between both devices is constant, so the updates will be simultaneous.

The game is free, but offers purchases within the application. Being multiplatform all these details are also shared, so if you have already made purchases they will remain active in your account. So it's time to play!