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Is my iPad waterproof?

Water and electricity are not good companions and it is generally not advisable to wet the technological devices. But what if, by some chance, your iPad fell into the water or was wet in some way?

The answer is not obvious, mainly because Apple is cautious about the protection that its iPads offer against water. You can search the specifications of the iPhone 11 on the Apple website and see in the fifth position of the list, the IP68 rating of the mobile.

However, try this on the page for the iPad mini or iPad Pro and you didn't see any IP rating or certification. Not even, you will find any reference on the performance in liquid intrusion tests.

So, in this article we investigate the waterproof credentials (or rather water resistant) of each of the current and recent iPad models. Then, you will find a selection of iPad cases designed to protect your tablet.

Are all iPad waterproof?

No. In fact, none of them is, at least officially. The reason why no IP ratings (certifying water and dust resistance) are granted for iPads is that the devices do not have an IP rating and no changes or guarantees are allowed.

In practice, this does not necessarily mean that a single drop of water can leave your iPad out of play; Many parts of an iPad's chassis, such as the screen, can resist liquid incursions.

In fact, it is the slots and openings (the Lightning, UBS-C and headphone ports, speaker grilles and microphones) that are most vulnerable. Similarly, you should do everything possible to avoid testing it.

Can I take my iPad to swim or use it in the shower?

Absolutely not. We are not sure why you want to do it, to be honest, but if you were tempted to read a book by the pool using the Kindle application on your iPad mini, we recommend a waterproof case (see below).

That, or, use a real Kindle, which is cheaper to replace and, in most cases, already include this type of certification to be able to submerge them underwater or expose them to dust.

Why are iPads not waterproof?

From Apple there is no clear explanation, and the difference between iPads without qualification and the most recent iPhones, whose certification corresponds to IP68, coincides in being the highest with the rest of the smartphone currently premium From the market.

Of course, it is not expected that we use our iPads in the same way as our iPhone. The latter accompany us everywhere (within reason), and can be used in heavy rain, fallen into toilets and submerged in swimming pools.

In the case of iPads, they are devices that tend to be used in a less portable way or in a lower range of mobility. You do not use them constantly to answer calls and the requirements are others.

But some people use their iPads (particularly the smaller versions) in a reasonably intelligent way, and it is strange that Apple has not yet managed to transfer this need for water resistance to the world of its tablet.

Next, we have compiled a whole series of iPad cases that can help you protect your iPad from exposure to liquids or water, very interesting if you are one of those who take your device everywhere, whether beach or pool, or by your circumstances you work outdoors.

The best waterproof iPad cases

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