Instagram now orders better who you follow

Instagram updated the list of followers, and now lets us know with which we interact more or less, something that can be useful if at any given time we want to eliminate the less relevant people.

Specifically, Instagram adds two new sections in the "Followed" section: those "Ms shown in the news" and also "People with whom you least interact", with quite interesting information.

To find this information we must go to our Instagram profile and enter the section of "Followed":

Image - Instagram now better orders who you follow

Here we will find the new options under the heading of "Categories", although the possibility of seeing the people we follow by default and by antiquity remains.

Image - Instagram now better orders who you follow

The section "People with whom you least interact" is quite clear, they are accounts to which We don't like, we don't comment on your posts or respond to Stories. That does not mean, of course, that we may not be interested in the content they generate.

Regarding the "Ms shown in the news" section, more factors come into play, not just the interactions. For example let's really see your posts and that we resend them to other followers.

Right now the fashion filters on Instagram occupy almost all the attention in the application, but these small improvements are also useful.

For example, when viewing the list of followers with whom we interact less we may want to delete them, and the same goes for those who come out most in the news if we realize that they deal with issues that are not very relevant.

Many times we look at Instagram quickly, without looking closely at all the publications that appear, and these lists can help us to do "cleaning".

Although there are much more precise tools to monitor followers on Instagram, it is good that the official application adds options, because sharing the password with other programs involves risks.

Thanks to these options for sort followers on Instagram we will get an idea of ​​the use of the social network, although it seems rather focused on small and medium-sized accounts, and not influencers with thousands of followers, who hardly control them one by one.

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What do you think of these lists of followers with whom you interact more or less? Do you consider them useful?