In all this an Android phone is better than an iPhone

In all this an Android phone is better than an iPhone

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<p>One of the luck that I have when working in a medium like Andro4all, is the fact that I can try different devices that I would never have been able to try otherwise. As many of you know, for a couple of years I have used an iPhone as a personal phone and although I consider that iOS satisfies all my needs at the moment, <strong>I can’t consider it a perfect operating system, much less</strong>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Both Android and iOS are very similar in terms of security. Both are very complete and mature systems, so in the end choosing between them is based on small aspects. As a daily user of an iPhone, every time I have to analyze an Android smartphone, I immediately begin to miss certain iOS functions but also the opposite. That is to say, there are certain aspects on Android that far outweigh iOS getting to ask me why the company of the bitten apple does not adapt them also to its operating system.

In this little reflection I am going to tell you what are the three aspects that I would like most for iOS to copy from Android, or what is the same, what you will like most about Android if you come from iOS.

Greater freedom: there are no two identical Android phones

It has always been said that the biggest difference between Android and iOS is the incredible freedom of the first versus the second. Although this can lead to some other problem especially if we take into account the passivity of Google against the malware that exists in its application store, it also has its advantages and is that as we have said on more than one occasion, there are no two identical Android phones.

While my iPhone and that of my partner only differ in the wallpaper and how we have organized apps and folders, an Android user can customize their phone as they really want, without any limits. You just have to go through the section that we have of customization in Andro4all to check it for yourself.

Alternative Launchers like Nova Launcher, icon packs, widgets … the possibilities are thousands. You just have to have an idea and patience when executing it. Some results are authentic works of art.

The horror of incoming calls on iOS

Phone call with a Sony mobile

There may be aspects that some users like more on Android and vice versa, everything is a matter of taste. But on many occasions it is not so, but simply the brand has managed it frankly badly. This is the case of incoming calls on iOS, a constant headache that makes us ask why a brand like Apple that takes care of the small details, has not put a solution to it.

For those who have not had or never used an iOS device, explain. When one is called by phone on an iPhone, the incoming call occupies the entire terminal screen. What does this mean? That if you are surfing the internet, writing a very long message or email or doing any other activity, the iPhone kick you out of that screen and replace it with the incoming call.

There are few times that I have accidentally hung up the incoming call when sending a WhatsApp and even the other way around, answering the call when I don’t want to. Android this manages it in a much better and simple way. The incoming call appears at the top of the notification bar without disturbing us and above all, without interrupting what we are doing at that time.

Ledo ace may seem silly but I promise you not. Apple and its iPhone have a big problem with incoming calls and the strange thing is that they don’t want to solve it.

Finally … the price


Are Apple products expensive? It is possible that paying 1,000 euros for an iPhone may seem so but we have to keep in mind that there are also Android devices of this price or more. The problem is not that the iPhone is expensive, but that there is no alternative to them. If you want an Apple device pay for its price for it, there is no other.

Of course this does not happen with Android. If I want an expensive phone I can buy for example the Samsung Galaxy Note10, but if I do not want to spend so much money I can opt for any of the large number of terminals that exist in both the mid and low range. There are hundreds of alternatives and this is honestly one of the keys to Android’s success.