How much will the new Samsung Galaxy S20 cost in Mexico

How much will the new Samsung Galaxy S20 cost in Mexico

We are practically 2 and a half weeks to know the new Samsung Galaxy S20, of which its possible specifications have already been filtered and we have even seen real images of the S20 + 5G, which could also be called Galaxy S20 Ultra.

And although Samsung has not yet revealed details beyond the date of presentation of these teams, it is highly likely that Mexico is one of the first passes in which the next high-end of the company are launched, since for years our country is in the first round of markets where the newest models are launched, that is, they are put in presale and sale at the same time as in the United States.

That is why we have made some calculations to try to get closer
at the price closest to what Samsung's new phones will have, all this
considering some factors such as the filtered price of the new models, the
official price that other devices have had and their difference with the
filtered prices, among others.

What is the price of the S20 in Mexico?

According to the data filtered by Ice Universe, the price of
Three new phones will be as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: USD 799
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 +: USD 999
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: USD 1099

The OnePlus 8 will have a more advanced screen than the Galaxy S20 + and the iPhone 11s

In the case of the Mexican market, the final costs may
look like this:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: from 16,499 MXN
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 +: 22,500 MXN
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 24,999 MXN

With these new releases it seems to me that Samsung is going to bet on keeping prices as close as possible to the Galaxy S10, however, it also does not seem very likely that the same launch prices of the previous year will remain, as these new models will not only have an important improvement in screen and camera, but also in battery.

The only price that is likely to be maintained much more
Close to that of past releases is the Galaxy S20, which is basically the
Galaxy S11e to put it in some way, and it is the high-end economic to compete
against the iPhone 11 and Apple's next high-end economic iPhone.

We will know all these details with certainty the next 11