Google Maps turns 15

Google Maps turns 15 and Google has wanted to offer you a new image along with some new features that will come to the application throughout this year.

The Google maps app is one of the applications we use most in our day. Google started mapping the world in 2005 And if we compare the first version of Google Maps with the current one, we didn't even have half the possibilities it has today.

It is one of the applications that offers more functions such as, for example, saving the location of our car parking, creating routes without the need for Internet connection or even knowing how much you are going to cost a taxi back home approximately.

New disposition of the different elements

Image - Google Maps turns 15

As we say, Google Maps has undergone many changes since 2005 and now it has many more possibilities than before. With the birthday of Google Maps, new shortcuts arrive to some functions that we already found earlier in the application, such as the following:

  1. To explore: It is the tool through which Google Maps offers restaurants in our area to discover new places to go that we may not know. Affinity is one of the measures that Google Maps has and that it automatically creates from knowing the places we visit.
  2. Usual displacements: If we do the same route frequently, we may like to know how much we will take today or if there is any incidence on the means of transport that we use frequently.
  3. Saved: It is an option by which we can store restaurants and these will be marked on the map so when we pass near them we can go and know how that restaurant is.
  4. Contribute: If we are users of Google Maps and we usually leave opinions in the different places we go to or if we have become a Local Guide, we can give Google more information through contributions such as opinions, modify information of places or creation of new sites.
  5. News: In this section we can know some fashionable places that are in our environment, these novelties are based on the opinions of the Local Guides so they are usually places to discover dishes or shops. In addition, we can talk to the store through a chat in case we have any doubts before going to the place and even booking.

These functions are not new in the application of Google maps, however, it is true that they were somewhat scattered in the app, so Google has offered them a greater role by giving them a Shortcut located in the bottom bar.

New features that come to Google Maps

Image - Google Maps turns 15

Sometimes, by having information from users, it is not always an infallible method to avoid traffic jams, since a user managed to create traffic jams in Google Maps fictitiously. Google Maps plans integrate the following functions throughout this year:

  1. Temperature: The temperature is one of the external factors which can make a journey more or less comfortable, so Google Maps ask those users who have previously taken that route to know if it is cold or hot in that station.
  2. Accessibility: It is a function specially designed for those people who have mobility problems. In this way, Google Maps will take into account the most accessible public transport lines that can have some kind of assistance.
  3. Vagn for women: This is a functionality that is only available in certain parts of the world where men and women do not share cars.
  4. Vehicle Security: travel safety is key, as are the methods to ask for help. Google Maps inform us of the security systems with which the transport is equipped in case any incident occurs on the route.
  5. Number of wagons available: each train usually has a series of different wagons depending on the frequency, time or even the circumstance so knowing where it is more convenient to get on the train and knowing how many wagons you have can be quite useful.

Most functions are designed for use of public transport, which makes a lot of sense due to the large number of users who use Google Maps to know online or what is the fastest route.

As we say, these functions will be available throughout 2020, specifically from March, although it will take more or less from the launch date depending on the geographical area in which we are.

To celebrate your birthday, Google Maps in addition to the above, You have created a video that reviews how the icon has changed. This video can be found inside Google Maps. If we see that in our device we do not find the shortcuts, we must make sure we have the latest version of Google Maps.

Have the updated version of Google Maps It is very important if we want to enjoy the improvements and news that are included in the application. On the other hand, it should be clarified that at the moment this is the new Google Maps logo and not a simple way to celebrate the 15th birthday of the map application.

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