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Geometry Dash World, the continuation of a very popular Android game

One of the most popular Android games in history, Geometry Dash, already has its continuation: download Geometry Dash World now.

Casual games are perfect for killing time on Android. No wonder the smartphone has popularized sagas as Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga: titles suitable for playing anywhere, without having to eat our heads with the controls and without the need to spend much time with them. Geometry Dash It is another good sample.

One of the most popular games is back: Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World, the continuation of a very popular Android game

A simple game where there are, however, ends up becoming a real addiction. Surely you will have ever played Geometry Dash. And maybe you were waiting for the new game. Well, you don't have to wait any longer: it's already available in the Google Play Store. And it goes for half a million downloads …

You already know the rules: a square to handle that will slide down different levels with obstacles. It seems simple, but it is very complicated: breaking records is to face each level again and again until you know it perfectly. At a frantic pace and with the background machacona music that, rather than accompany, ends up putting on the nerves.

Geometry Dash World, the continuation of a very popular Android game

Geometry Dash World It is free, with limited version in levels and with advertising. It has different achievements with unlocking options, daily challenges, offers complete control of statistics that includes up to the number of jumps … And a very interesting addition: we can create new levels for the game and share them. Although this last point only in the full version.

A simple game that entertains for hours

Geometry Dash World extends the fun of the original title by offering more levels and much more entertainment. It is worth it: we loved it. And it is ready to download and enjoy.

Do you want to know how the saga continues? Go now for Geometry Dash World: 10 complete levels, music, scenes full of obstacles, minimalist style full of neon colors … And fun, very fun.