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Facebook Portal vs Google Nest Hub Max: only one is our favorite

Any of them is a great option thanks to some very powerful characteristics in both, but at the first glance you will see that, at the same time, the two are very different. In the battle Facebook Portal vs Google Nest Hub Max there can only be one winner. Giving victory to one has not been easy, but we are sure that this comparison will help you decide on any of these 10-inch smart screens.


Facebook Portal

In regards to aesthetics, these two screens could not be more different. Nest Hub Max has elegant lines and a floating screen design that looks modern and fresh. Facebook Portal, well, it looks like a cheap photo frame that can be obtained in an all-hundred store, which is strange since its predecessors had a much more elegant style. However, both come in two colors.

Winner: Google Nest Hub Max


facebook portal vs google nest hub max 10 inch 2019 review 11 of 20 768x768

The way you look when you're in a video call is important, right? So a good camera is crucial. Nest Hub Max carries a 6.5 megapixel camera while Portal has a 13 megapixel camera. This means that the Portal camera will be able to capture much more detail than the Max Hub. Both cameras will follow you as you walk through a room, but that of the Max has a substantially wider field of view, 127 degrees, when compared to the field of view, 114 degrees, of the Portal.

If you are not worried about the distance at which the camera can follow you or how many people you can include in a video call, then the field of view does not matter much. Also, when you're on calls using Portal, you can add great augmented reality effects and filters. You can also tell animated stories with the Story Time feature

Winner: Facebook Portal


One of the most important features to consider when buying a smart screen is, of course, the quality of the screen. Both screens are really impressive in this design feature. Both have adaptable screens that fit the room's lighting. This makes anything on the screen look extra sharp and clear with real colors.

Winner: tie


None of these screens have the best audio on the market (it is better to leave it in the hands of smart speakers), but they are quite solid in terms of the quality of the bass and the clear and rich sound that can fill a room. However, both seem to lose quality as the volume increases to the higher ranges. Unless you are a demanding audifilo, you will probably be quite satisfied with either screen. Bass lovers will gravitate towards Portal's deepest tones, while tuning the bass and treble with Nest Hub Max makes the tone more balanced.

Winner: tie


There is no competition when it comes to functionality. Nest Hub Max is damn useful. The most interesting feature is that Max can recognize your face and then display content adapted to you on the screen and can save up to six different face profiles. You can also pause and play video or music with the movement of one hand. In addition, it has a built-in Nest Cam camera so you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are using the application. We like it to be easier to watch the videos on the Max and also that you can see your to-do lists and the calendar on the screen.

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Meanwhile, Portal focuses heavily on the best experiences with Facebook: so think about Facebook Messenger, see your latest shared photos and enjoy some games you can play with your friends. It happens that you also take advantage of Amazon's Alexa wizard, which gives you additional functionality similar to other Alexa-enabled smart speakers. Through voice commands, with Portal it is possible to control other devices connected in the home.

Winner: Google Nest Hub Max


There is a big price difference that can influence your purchase. The Facebook Portal screen is worth $ 179 dollars, but you find it for $ 129 dollars in an attempt to attract potential users. Google costs $ 229 dollars, a great initial investment, but it gives you additional functionality and experiences.

Winner: Facebook Portal

What should you buy?

The Facebook Portal and Google Nest Hub Max smart screens are quite well equipped in most areas. Probably the biggest difference between the two is that they form the Facebook / Alexa team or the Google team. The Portal model will only be useful if you are an active Facebook user. It feeds on photos from your social network albums and makes calls only through your Facebook and WhatsApp contacts (owned by Facebook). Therefore, if you don't use Facebook a lot or don't have many contacts on Facebook, the visualization is almost useless. You will also have to be from the Alexa compatible team, since that is the assistant integrated in the screen.

The same goes for the Nest Hub Max. This screen obtains the photos through your Google Photos account and makes calls using the contacts saved in your Google account. It also uses the Google Assistant for voice commands. Therefore, if you are not a Google user, and you do not plan to become one, the Nest Hub Max model is probably not a good option.

If you have a favorite team, the choice is easy. If not, Portal is the much more affordable option and has a fantastic camera. The incorporation of Alexa allows you to control your compatible device with the Amazon assistant. If you don't mind if it looks like a plastic frame, Portal is a good option.

Our favorite, however, is the Google Nest Hub Max device. It has so many useful features and features, that it really cannot be overcome. In fact, it is one of our favorite smart screens and one of the best products of 2019.

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