Facebook launches the Activity tool outside of Facebook

Facebook launches the Activity tool outside of Facebook


Facebook's use of user data has been the cause of controversies and encounters with justice on several occasions. These situations forced Facebook to review its security policies and improve its overall ability to protect user information.

After two years of testing and the limited launch in Ireland, South Korea and Spain, Mark Zuckerberg's company has decided to expand its tool Activity outside of Facebook. It makes available to users the possibility of managing data from other sites.

The “activity outside of Facebook” allows users to view a summary of the data that third-party applications and websites have shared with Facebook, and delete it if deemed convenient. By deleting it, users remove information about interests that the company uses to show celebrities from Facebook Custom Ads

With this new tool, it is also possible to opt for disconnect all future activity outside of Facebook from your account, or simply from specific applications and websites. Regarding its launch, the company said:

(welcomes) conversations with privacy experts, policy makers and other companies on how to continue building tools like this.

The global activation of this configuration is only the beginning of several considerations that have been requested from Facebook to take care of the privacy of those who have profiles in the application. Among other things, it is expected to include a notice asking each Facebook user to review their privacy settings and “Login notifications”, which warns you when your Facebook account is used to log in to third-party applications.

The update to reach device users throughout the day iOS They can be obtained by configuring the following steps in the Facebook app:

1.Press on the 3 stripes on the right.

2.Configuration and privacy.


4.Your Facebook information> Activity log.

5. There are categories and can be deleted.

Will you consider trying it?