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amazon echo flex

We tested Echo Flex, Amazon's most portable solution for Alexa

“For those who want to use Alexa and do not have space for an intelligent speaker, Echo Flex is placed in any socket of the house. It is a practical and effective solution. ”

  • Physical button to disconnect the microphone

  • Modern design

  • USB accessories

  • It is easily set

  • Not optimized for music

  • A plug is lost

  • Only available in white

  • Price slightly high

The family to control Alexa by voice has increased with several new devices, including the Echo Flex model. This allows you to enjoy all the functions of the Amazon smart assistant in any room in the house where there is a plug and wifi coverage. We have tried it to tell you our experience. And it has not let us down.

A modern aesthetic

The Echo Flex design reminds us of the adapters with which we recharge mobile phones quickly and also to the amplifier or extender devices of the Wi-Fi signal. Its rectangular shape and size (72 mm x 67 mm x 73 mm) resemble those of a pack of cigarettes. On the front, it incorporates an LED light that turns on to indicate that Alexa is listening, a button to activate it, another to deactivate the microphone and a speaker. At the bottom, a USB-A makes it possible to use the device to recharge the cell phone. On the right side there is a 3.5 mm audio output. On the back, integrate the plug to insert it into an electrical outlet.

amazon echo flexMarta Villalba / Digital Trends

Its matte white plastic finish and the button design give it a modern and minimalist look. Although not go unnoticed especially if your wall is not painted in white.

Almost all the functionality of a speaker

Amazon Echo Flex is designed to ask Alexa for things without putting a speaker in every room of the house. Do not take up space on any table or shelf, even if you run out of a plug. It should never be covered behind a piece of furniture, because it may not work as it should, Amazon advises.

As if you were any other device of the Echo family, it works through the Amazon Alexa application in the smartphone Thus, when configuring it, you will be asked to calibrate the voice and follow the same steps as any other speaker. From the app, you configure it as you best fit according to your needs.

amazon echo flexMarta Villalba / Digital Trends

You can ask him to tell you the weather forecast, tell jokes or add a product to the shopping list and control compatible appliances, set an alarm to wake you up whenever you want and even play relaxing sounds to fall asleep quickly or mask snoring (with the music box function). Although nothing prevents a user from listening to songs, it is not a device to enjoy music with high quality. If you are looking for better sound, you can connect a speaker through the 3.5 mm input or bluetooth.

In our tests, the Echo Flex has not always understood us at first (about three meters away), although this is common in any smart speaker. With a television on, sometimes it has also been hard for us to understand, forcing us to raise our voices to listen to our request.

More uses with accessories

To give it even more functionality, the Echo Flex can be used with compatible accessories, such as a light or a motion sensor. We have tested it with an exclusive night light for the Echo Flex (Smart Nigth Light), of those designed to get up at night without bumping into the furniture or the wall. Connected to the Echo Flex via USB-A, this light turns on or off every time you ask the assistant or you can program it through the app to do it whenever you want, even with the possibility of configuring the color and The intensity. Of course, you do not miss if you arrive at the room and you find it on or if it is activated in the middle of the night without you having asked for it (it seems that it has its own life). It is sold on Amazon for 14.99 euros. For the same price, from this same manufacturer you find an exclusive sensor made for Amazon.

amazon echo flexMarta Villalba / Digital Trends

Our opinion

This Amazon device fulfills its mission: to be a cheaper alternative (24.99 dollars) and portable to extend the functions of Alexa. Although if you want a speaker, it may be worthwhile to invest a little more to buy an Echo Dot or Echo that is ready to play music with decent sound quality. It all depends on whether you have space to place it, of course.

We miss more colors and reduce their size a bit to go more unnoticed. Although this, as is often the case with technology, the company may reserve it for the second generation of the device. Asked, we propose that Amazon launch another Echo Flex model with an integrated plug to connect a cable vacuum, as some wifi signal amplifiers facilitate.

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