bots to flirt for you

Meet people by apps like Tinder It is a fact that occurs every day between different users. Now, we may be so lazy that we want to find love and we want a bot be the one who flirts for us through apps like Tinder.

Tinder is one of the applications to meet more used people, now, although it is true that it is usually a effective method to meet people, It can also be somewhat slow, depending on the matches we had every day.

The programmer Jeffrey Li designed a bot through which I didn't even have to use Tinder to slide to the side I like it or I don't like it. This bot didn't work randomly, but it was able to identify the images of Tinder users and compare it with Google images to determine and adjust Li's tastes to the bot.

Thus Jeffrey achieves matches without opening Tinder, although we must emphasize that Jeffrey's profile was verdic, it was created by him and the botanist was only responsible for sliding to one side or the other. Jeffrey had the bot set to give him I like 100 women every day.

Robert Winters, a Belgian programmer, met Jeffrey's bot and decided to download it to give him even more intelligence, so he didn't even have to talk to himself with his matches.

The bot, though I didn't have great grammar not even an extensive vocabulary, he could construct simple sentences in such a way that he began conversations through Tinder.

Seeing that the bot had achieved more than 200 matches, of which he receives many messages every day and answered the bot, Tinder noticed this and banned him from entering the platform.

Tinder review the photos to verify that they are authentic

What do you think of the bot? Do you think it would be a good idea for robots to flirt for us?

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