Apple makes app purchases go to all its devices

Apple makes app purchases go to all its devices

Good news and perhaps ahead of the announcements of its March developer conference will have Apple, as the company announced that now it will not be necessary to double the purchase of the same application for different devices, as they will be universal.

This seems to be a follow-up to what was announced in 2019 with the Catalyst project, an initiative for developers to carry their iOS apps on the Mac desktop.

Specifically this measure, allow that if you buy an application in the iOS App Store, you will not have to buy a separate version of the application to work on Mac.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith reported it on his Twitter account and took advantage of commenting that Apple is in the right direction.

Perhaps those who look more resentful with this measure are the same developers, who will no longer see a double income of money for the same app. Welcome be the change for the users.

Other news in iOS 13.4

This February 5 there were also some news that will be incorporated into iOS 13.4, among which are new memories, share folders in iCloud, and open your car with the CarKey function.

Ac the list of incorporations:

  • The new ‘CarKey’ feature in iOS 13.4 beta brings built-in support to unlock, drive and share NFC car keys
  • Support for new third-party call controls and navigation in CarPlay
  • iOS 13.4 includes support for sharing iCloud Drive folders
  • New keyboard shortcuts are available in Photos on iPadOS that allow you to quickly navigate between tabs, search and create albums. While in full-screen mode, you can also delete, duplicate and enter editing mode with a keyboard.
  • Minor adjustments to the TV application: Share as a family in the Library tab
  • Limits of communication of screen time in macOS
  • When an application always requests authorization for the first time after it has been previously authorized to use the application, the device immediately submits the location authorization request.
  • 9 new types of Memoji adhesives
  • watchOS 6.2 includes support for purchases in the application.This allows developers to offer in-app purchases directly in watchOS applications, so that users can access premium content, digital products, subscriptions and more.
  • iOS 13.4 introduces a new mail toolbar, which corrects the bad design introduced with iOS 13.

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