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Apple launches the second beta of iOS and iPadOS 13.3.1

time use iOS 13.3

For all those who have an interest in keeping their devices always ready one of the main recommendations is that of ensure that these are updated. Although from time to time there are certain problems that stain the reputation of the new versions, they are responsible for preventing products from being vulnerable before certain threats or errors. Thus, no matter how small an update is, all versions are important.

In this case, Apple has recently released a new version of iOS and iPadOS for users who are registered in the beta software programs. Specifically, developers already have the second beta compilation of update 13.3.1, a minor review of the system that is limited to solving certain relevant errors. For example, the version fix a bug that allows you to disable the controls of communication of Time of Use with ease.

The error in this case is that if the iPhone receives a call from an unknown number the user you could add it without authorization from the Time of Use administrator, and since it is not previously stored in iCloud, calls can be made or messages can be sent without restrictions. With iOS 13.3.1, the Time of Use code will be necessary to be able to add an unknown contact, thus solving this inconvenience that the parental control function had given rise to.

Image of iOS 13 on an iPhone

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At the moment, this is an update under development, and therefore, should not be used in everyday devices. If you still want to take the risk, it is best to create a device backup through iTunes. Of course, you should keep in mind that the compilation may be unstable, leading to performance problems on some devices, something that is resolved as the official release approaches.