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WhatsApp becomes the second non-Google application to reach 5,000 million downloads

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Virtually since its launch, WhatsApp has become the most used application worldwide for send messages, videos, images, voice messages… Facebook bought it in 2014 for 20,000 million dollars and has not yet found a way to make the purchase profitable (the ads will not yet reach the platform).

Many are the manufacturers that natively install the most popular applications to facilitate the use of the terminal to new users. If we do not have the applications that Google requires to install, Facebook and WhatsApp are two of them. While the first one reached 5,000 million downloads last year, Now it's the turn of WhatsApp.


This number of downloads not only includes direct downloads from the Play Store, but the pre-installations are also counted, with Samsung (as of the Galaxy S6) and Huawei (even the models with Google services installed) the two main manufacturers that have helped Mark Zuckerberg's messaging application reach that figure of downloads.

According to the latest official WhatsApp data, the messaging application It is used monthly by more than 1,500 million users. However, while in some areas such as Europe and Latin America it is the most used application, in the United States it is hardly used.

In China, where Whatsapp is locked, WeChat is the king of messaging platforms. In Arab countries, Viber is the most used application. Telegram, one of the best messaging applications currently available in the market, is gradually becoming a gap, especially among those users who need more than just a service to send messages, which spend many hours in front of a computer and that They want to be able to have a conversation from any device without resorting to a web version that requires the device to be turned on.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger