S9 + Camera take advantage

We show you the best secret, unknown and very useful Android tricks

And is that the operating system of the Mountain View is much more than it seems. Normally we play two or three functions in the usual way, or we do things in a way without knowing that there is another way or trick that will be much more useful. Let's see a few that are common to all phones with this software, whatever the brand.

Activate the camera without unlocking the mobile

It is likely that on more than one occasion you have not captured that moment because it has taken you a long time to take out the mobile, unlock it, find the camera app, etc. There is a much simpler shortcut that allows you to take that photo almost instantly. Yes pulsis twice followed by start button The photographic application opens automatically.

S9 + Camera take advantage

The secret app search engine

It is another simple function that goes unnoticed. It has been discovered by the friends of The Power of the Green Android and will save a lot of time to those who hang out searching and searching in their application folders. The reality is that yes slide your finger down when you are at the desktop or in the application drawer, a search bar appears. Put the name of the app and filter it.

Switch between the last two open windows

This applies to you if you use an interface where the typical icons of the circle, triangle and square are not a gesture control. Actually, the square button is the Recent button, and if we press it, multitasking appears. Now, if we double tap on it, Automatically switch between the last two open applications, something very useful when we want, for example, to put a discount code that we have in one application and that does not let us copy it in another.

What's new Android P DP4

See the notifications you have deleted

Surely more than once you have deleted an important notification that you would like to recover. Well you can do it. Only tennis that you press and hold your finger on the screen to open the widget option. In these buscis the one of the Settings. You pass it to the screen and now you do a long press on it to display the icon options and elegs Notification log. Ready, you can access the list of all deleted notifications.

Notification bar

Automate Do Not Disturb time

You don't want to be bothered with messages at certain times of the day? Well you can do it without having to be activating and deactivating Do Not Disturb mode. If you go to Settings> Sound, you will find the option Do not disturb mode preferences. There you can set an activation time and an end time, which may be different depending on the day of the week.

tricks 2

Use the one-hand mode of Gboard

The vast majority of users have by default the Google keyboard, the Gboard. This also hides many tricks and one of the most useful is knowing how to activate the mode with one hand. Leaving press the comma key, right next to the space, the icon that allows us to put the keyboard in a format with which we can use it with one hand appears.

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The volume button not only raises the music

This is a trick that is present from the first versions of Android and that not many people know. When putting the camera we do not have to give the trigger icon, firmly holding the mobile, we just have to press the volume up button To shoot a photo.

A mobile photographing a group of musicians

And you know some more trick? Leave them in the comments.