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War Tortoise 2 is a great action shooter with very peak moments

War Tortoise 2 is again an epic shooter that follows what was obtained in the first and that leads us to ride a turtle generating great damage with our blaster equipped in its shell.

A game that demands the best of your mobile to display a great action on screen, with very well recreated sound effects and all that series of explosions and visual effects that are a spectacle. A great second part that arrive in advance to Android.

The turtle and the protagonist on its backs

War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2 is a great action shooter in which we will have to aim manually at all those enemies that will be thrown at us from the surface or from ships that will arrive flying to impact our poor turtle with its blaster cannons.

War Tortoise 2 Followers

Apart from having to shoot them with our blaster cannon, we will have the opportunity to generate a series of fighters that will help us in our journey through the combat ground. We talk about melee units that are going to face that horde of enemies or "miners" who are looking for money to increase our monetary figure.

Thanks to these coins we can improve our fighters, our protagonist or access a series of improvements for the blaster cannon. Everything is orchestrated in War Tortoise 2 for you to enjoy as a child With its action shooter that generates a great gaming experience at all levels.

The epic of War Tortoise 2

And so it leads us to a continuous action in which the only stops will be to choose the next point of mission on the map and those improvements that we are making to our war machine, be it our followers or our weapons.

War Tortoise 2

That is, there really is no menu or level, but everything is continuing to pass different places with a large number of final bosses, and others that are not so much.

Come on, you're almost going to be there very cinematic moments in which the perspective used in the third person, the lighting effects or as the day goes on passing at night, they get an incredible experience whenever your mobile supports it, since we are facing a game that demands its graphics and its resources; If so, you will simply freak it out, and this is really cool.

The cinematography of War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2