They detect more Android apps and games that are actually viruses: Full list

They detect more Android apps and games that are actually viruses: Full list

It is not the first time that Google Play has had to withdraw many apps and games with malicious content for mobile devices, coming from complaints of many users with technical problems just when they installed these apps. But this time, the report has not come from the community, but from the BGR portal, informing us that these viruses have been designed to collect personal data.

The thing is complicated when, according to this website, the malware may have been included in 24 applications of Google Play. Quite the opposite of what one might think, most are of daily use and with a good reputation for opinions, such as Weather Forecast or Virus Cleaner 2019, forgive the redundancy.

Several permits tried to access the general location, which can be found through the Wifi or mobile data. Also to the most specific location, which is not necessary for almost any app in the world, although the commentaries s ask for such concessions. Other requirements such as access to the status of the mobile or access to those of the accounts were typical for these applications to request them to operate.

It all comes from China

Apparently, and after pulling much of the thread, the reports arrive at a Chinese company called Shenzhen HAWK. This company works with numerous developers of apps, which not all are completely reliable. Although the most serious comes when this Shenzhen company turns out to be subsidized by TCL Corporation, a Chinese multinational that operates with technology products worldwide. This can splash you noticeably.

Complete list of malicious applications

As you can see, we have only mentioned some, but there are many more. Most have been removed from Play store, but together they accumulate a total of 382 million downloads. Thanks to the variety that we have in the store, it will be advisable to replace these apps, in the event that you have any, for others that are not on the list, so better safe than sorry.

  • Sound recorder
  • Super cleaner
  • Virus Cleaner 2019
  • File Manager
  • Joy Launcher Turbo Browser
  • Weather Forecast
  • Candy Selfie Camera
  • Hi VPN, Free VPN
  • Candy Gallery
  • Calendar Lite
  • Super battery
  • Hi Security 2019
  • Net master
  • Puzzle box
  • Private browser
  • Hi VPN Pro
  • World zoo
  • Word Crossy!
  • Soccer Pinball
  • Say it
  • Laser break
  • Music roam
  • Word Crush