the new interface closest to Android stock ┬╗ERdC

the new interface closest to Android stock ┬╗ERdC

Realme UI: the new interface closest to Android stock

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The mobile devices of Really have mainly used OPPO colors, the custom user interface Android based. However, the company has wanted get away from this a little and offer a more experience close to what we will see in the stock versions of Android. Since Realme they had already started beta testing in China for some time. Now, the OPPO sub brand has finally introduced your own user interface: Realme UI. Your new sample layer with a simplified design along with several improvements and new features.

Realme UI, the new Realme user interface

The company, which was previously a subsidiary of OPPO, is announcing the new user interface under the motto "Seamless Fun". It arrives with a Android experience plus stock along with changes in System colors, icons, wallpapers and new animations too. Since Realme's target audience has been primarily youth, Your marketing with ÔÇťvitalityÔÇŁ and ÔÇťyoungerÔÇŁ keywords can also be seen for your fresh new look.

With Realme UI, Users can design the icons and can also choose their transparency. Icon sizes are also configurable, even for the actual image in the icon. Along with the new look, the user interface brings 11 new wallpapers of beginning of the telephone numbers of Realme. In particular, the wallpapers are based on ÔÇťnatural elementsÔÇŁAnd users can always find a match with a particular color scheme.

The Realme UI user interface based on Android 10 also brings performance improvements. It arrives with new functions energy saving, among other useful features. A new focus mode helps disconnect from the outside world, and even plays relaxing music to help improve concentration.

As for security, a function of Protection of personal information which allows the system to fill cow information pages about the history of calls, contacts, messages or schedules on which certain websites or applications may ask. Therefore, it makes private data safe without limiting the use of the application.

Roadmap for the update

Finally, Really also proportion a road map in the image above this paragraph. Through this they make known when to start the stable deployment of the update With its new user interface. Hopefully, the Realme phones that will be released in the future will bring the update immediately.


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