plague inc tricks

The 5 best tricks to win and be the best at Plague Inc.

plague inc tricks

Plague Inc. It is one of the best board games that are in the Play Store, and although it is really entertaining, until a few days ago it did not have a boom in downloads. It turns out that with the news of the rapid spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus, people have rushed to download this game.

Now, we want to take advantage of this second life that Plague Inc. is having to help you. Therefore, we have taken several days to try the game, and bring you the 5 best tricks to make your disease the most lethal of all in a short time.

The best tricks for Plague Inc.

This game is unpredictable, however there are some tricks with which you can master it almost completely if you apply them. A general advice before starting the list, is that always take into account the situation presented to you in each game, and decide based on this. With this clear, these are the 5 best tricks for Plague Inc.

Spend the first DNA points to improve your modes of transmission

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This principle is very simple, if the idea is to infect all the humans in the world to die later, then the contagion must be very fast. Almost always the right play involves spending the first DNA points to increase the transmission capacity of your pest.

This advice depends a little on your strategy, but ideally, infect most people in the most countries that you can before any effort of humanity begins to take effect. Once your disease has spread, you will have time to aggravate your symptoms or make it more resistant.

The secret of every pandemic, and of almost any combat strategy is split, spread and then delete.

Consider the passes in which your virus is at the time of evolving

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Plague Inc. is a super-realistic game that takes into account all kinds of characteristics of the passes that make up the map. Therefore, It is important that you have some knowledge about each country, so as to take better advantage of each person's particularities to make your virus something more lethal.

If for example the most important point of infection of your bacteria is in India, the ideal is that the improvements go hand in hand with characteristics associated with this country. Good advice for this case will be to improve the rodent transmission, as well as making the virus resistant to hot climates.

In countries such as China where the population density is very high, an excellent way to improve your virus will be by evolving it in its ability to transmit by area. Thus, we could also recommend that you increase your drug resistance, because China is a country with a very decent health system.

Pay close attention to press releases

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As the particularities of each country are very important, so it is that you are watch the news that from time to time will be revealed in the game. Is an important bird migration coming? Have global weather patterns caused more rain lately? Plan your virus improvements taking these things into account.

There is news that is especially important, as the medical parts in which they warn you that it has been possible to stop a certain symptom of your infection. If this happens, it is obvious that you should put aside the evolution of that characteristic, since you will give an advantage to the cure.

Ace, also takes into account special events such as the Olympic Games, which are quite recurrent, and allow many people to be infected due to the high traffic obtained by the organizing country during their celebration. There are especially good passes for these cases, such as England, which has an incredible international transport system.