Tangi is the new Google social network available only on iOS and on the web

Instagram already made it clear at the time: everything can be improved. Under that same premise the division of experimental projects Google Area 120 seems to be working, from where they have presented Tangi, a new social network very similar to the popular TikTok, at least in format.

According to Google's description, Tangi is an experimental video social network that does not focus on entertainment. Its objective is to help users learn things related to art, beauty, cooking and other areas, through the philosopher "Do it Yourself", all presented in video format.

Tangi is the new social network of Google

According Coco Mao, founder of Tangi, the idea of ​​the network came up after going home to visit his parents in Shanghai. She discovered that they were watching many instructional videos about painting and photography on her mobile, even though she had always believed that they were "unskillful with these devices."

We only focus on DIY content and creativity. The goal of our platform is to help people learn to create, cook and create with fast one minute videos.

For Tangi's essence to remain in force, the creators must accept a series of requirements to be part of the platform, ensuring that its content remains focused on creativity and DIY activities. As a viewer all users can enter and view the available videos.

While the Tangi vertical videos They can last up to a minute, the majority averaging about 45 seconds, so beyond long recipes, they are rather recommended to show a quick cooking trick or inspire you to try a new idea in the kitchen.

Another difference between Tangi and current video applications is a feature "Try it". It encourages users to upload photos of their video recreation as a way to interact with other members of the community.

For now, Tangi is on the web and iOS. The application is free to download, has no advertising and currently lacks monetization.