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Squeeze your Xiaomi to the maximum using its hidden settings with this app

Although in daily use it seems that Android as an operating system is simple, especially compared to desktop systems, the reality is that there are many options under the user interface.

This can be seen both in the purest versions and in the modifications made by the different manufacturers.

Today we bring you an application that allows access hidden MIUI menus, the interface used by Xiaomi mobiles (and also the PocoPhone as you know). Depending on the version of the system we use, Nougat or Oreo, we will have some parameters or others available.

Settings for advanced users

The first thing we see when starting the application for the first time is a warning that alerts us that touching certain things could damage the phone. Obviously this type of apps, as with ROMs or root access, is not for any user.

With that in mind, we will find two columns of options that we can use. The right is for Android 7 and left for Android 8. It is expected that when Android 9 arrives at Xiaomi phones it will be updated with the options available in this version.

We can block some system applications, improve device performance and even change some aspects of the user interface. Not all of these options are available for all models, so we must try one at a time on each terminal.

In addition to activating and deactivating functions, we can test the device's hardware, such as the screen, the microphone or the speaker, to see if there are any damaged elements.

The application is free and has no ads. You can install it from the Google Play Store. Of course, always under your responsibility so if you use it be careful, especially in the most aggressive options.

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