Samsung's Galaxy A line increase with A11, A31 and A41

Samsung's Galaxy A line increase with A11, A31 and A41

Samsung Galaxy A50 model

The Samsung Galaxy line A It has been a resounding success and the Korean firm hopes to expand the line with new mobile phones over the next year. 2020 is going to be a year in which Samsung itself adds devices with the Android 10 system, something important if they want to keep the usage quota above other previous versions.

For now, the numbers of SM-A115X, SM-A315X and SM-A415X models that would correspond to Samsung Galaxy A11, A31 and A41, happening to the previous models as is the case of the Samsung Galaxy A10, Samsung Galaxy A30 and Samsung Galaxy A40. The first information at least details that the storage will be 64 GB based, something logical seeing that every time a lot of space is required, either with images, games, applications and document downloads by mail, etc.

The Galaxy A10 and Galaxy A30 They started with 32 GB of base, the extension comes after many users have requested the increase by having little space once the operating system is installed and only half is left with which to use it with other apps that do not arrive installed of fabric.

Galaxy a50 camera details

The first rumors ensure at least the arrival of mobile terminals from December, since Samsung will launch Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 in coming months with a renewed image by having Infinity-O AMOLED panels. The basic models of the range (A11, A31 and A41) it is not known if they will implement the same panel or not, although everything indicates that we will know about them in relatively little by having to go through the FCC before its launch.

Signature Samsung Always take advantage of December to launch smartphones before the arrival of the Christmas dates, something with which it increases its sales since it is a gift with which to get to excite parents, children or family.