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Monsters Mixer, Create your Monster in this Educational App for iPad

Monsters Mixer for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

Ebooks & Kids are a group of people who think of children's learning as their top priority. They develop applications for people between the ages of 2 and 99 years. His maximum philosophy is that the little ones must learn by playing and that is what they translate into applications designed and designed especially for them. On this occasion they have created a perfect application for a day like this, Halloween is here.

Monsters Mixer is an application for iPad and iPhone with which you can create your own monsters in a very simple way. The steps are simple and children can follow them without the help of the elderly. Also the paps can be calm because Ebooks & Kids has thought of everything and thanks to the parental control of the application, the little ones will not be able to make any purchase by themselves. Do you feel like creating a monster? Come in and have fun!

Record your own voice to create a monstrous roar!

The intro of the application is really fun and takes you to the main page where you can discover all the apps that Ebooks & Kids has developed. Now you just have to start, a monster of great dimensions will help you choose the base, the main way to adopt your bug. Choose the one you like best and you can move on to the next level. Also you will always have the help button, with which you can guide yourself on every occasion If you don't know what to do or how to move on to the next step.

image "src =" "width =" 466 "height =" 350 "/></p><p>The next thing you should do is choose the three colors that will make up your monster. Choose similar or completely different colors to give a special touch to your creation. All the action is produced by touching on the screen and dragging each choice. You can continue! Now some buttons, in specific parts of your grimace, will indicate the next thing you have to choose. <strong>Put mouth, nose and even fangs and scars to your creation</strong> to give it a more terrifying touch.</p><p><img class=