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Little Fox, a game of great beauty with a fox as the protagonist

This new Android game will fascinate you with its beauty: Little Fox is a title in which you will drive a fox determined to always run forward. Hectic. And hard.

You may have Super Mario Run in mind as an example of a "runner" game. A character who is determined to keep running even if he has obstacles ahead; and that you must handle with presses on the screen. Little fox He is also a runner, although with a very different control: determined to cross a field of hexagons, we must guide him by pressing in the right direction. Quite complicated, but worth it.

Little Fox, an Android game as difficult as it is beautiful

Little Fox, a game of great beauty with a fox as the protagonist

It is not the first game embodied in a fox that we have seen in our system, which there is Fast like a Fox. The style for the fox has a certain similarity, although the environments change completely: in Little Fox we will cross beautiful three-dimensional landscapes that have been created with great care. The beauty of graphics is one of its best assets.

Little Fox is very complicated to handle. Far from a single control where the jump is the main asset, in this game we will manage the direction of the fox by pressing (or tracing) in the direction we want. This may seem simple when you read it, but when facing the game is another story: when passing through a hexagonal floor, the direction that the character will take will not always be the expected one.

Little Fox, a game of great beauty with a fox as the protagonist

Controlling this game 100% is very difficult, but it's worth it: Little Fox is one of the most beautiful and characteristic style games I've downloaded lately. High difficulty that invites you to strive with practice, graphics with your own label, a character as charismatic as the environments you will run, very good music and sound effects … Although advertising drowns the experience.

Little Fox, a game of great beauty with a fox as the protagonist

As usual in "free to play" games, advertising ends up enduring the gaming experience. Videos to advance level, full screen videos when restarting the game, limited lives, Endeavor to ask permission to access the phone… And without in-app purchase to avoid ads. Beyond here, Little Fox is a little wonder.

Recommended despite advertising

Little Fox loved it. Recently published by the Google Play Store, I am convinced that it will not take long to become popular. He has everything to get it: good graphics, endearing character, it's very funny… And it's also free, with the added inconvenience of advertising and limited lives.

You can download Little fox right now from the link to the Google Play Store. If you appreciate runner-style games, you're sure to like it. But also.

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