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Is the Poco X2 a worthy successor to the Pocophone F1?

is the little x2 a worthy successor of the comparative pocophone f1

Only hours have passed since the presentation of Poco X2 and We can't help wondering if this is really a worthy successor to the Mythical Pocophone F1. And it is not for less, when the Pocophone F1 was presented in August 2018, it came to show that you can have a mobile with processor and other high-end features at mid-range price, making cuts in the “less important things ”Such as design and materials, for example.

This is why we have decided put Pocophone F1 and Poco X2 face to face, to compare its specifications and see how much it has changed. Is it worth it?Is Little X2 really a worthy successor?

Pocophone F1 vs Poco X2 comparison

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Pocophone F1

Xiaomi Poco X2

Dimensions and weight155.5 x 75.3 x 8.8 mm and 182 grams.165.3 x 76.6 x 8.8 mm and 208 grams.
screen6.18 ″ Full HD + (1080 x 2246), 403 ppi with IPS LCD panel and Gorilla Glass 5.6.67 ″ Full HD + (1080 x 2400), 386 ppi with IPS LCD panel, HDR10, 120 Hz and Gorilla Glass 5.
ProcessorQualcommSnapdragon 845 (10 nm) with 8 cores at 2.8 GHz and graph Adreno 630.QualcommSnapdragon 730G (8 nm) with 8 cores at 2.2 GHz ygrfica Adreno 618.
RAM6 Y 8 GB.6 Y 8 GB.
Storage64, 128 Y 256 GB.64, 128 Y 256 GB.
Rear cameraTwo cameras: 12 MP f / 1.9 + 5 MP f / 2.0. HDR and Dual LED Flash.Four cameras: 64 MP f / 1.9 + 8 MP f / 2.2 + 2 MP f / 2.4 + 2 MP f / 2.4. HDR and Dual LED Flash.
Front camera20 MP f / 2.0.20 MP f / 2.2 + 2 MP f / 2.4.
ConnectivityDual band AC WiFi, Dual SIM 4G, Bluetooth 5, infrared, GPS, USB-C and liquid cooling system.Dual band AC WiFi, Dual SIM 4G, Bluetooth 5, infrared, NFC, GPS, USB-C and liquid cooling system.
Battery4000 mAh with fast load 18W.4500 mAh with fast load 27W.

If we are guided by the specifications, it is obvious that Poco X2 is superior to Pocophone F1 in several aspects. However, due to its mid-high-end processor, so popular among the most recent mid-range, we have the question of whether it really maintains the essence of Pocophone's first and only mobile.

When we ask ourselves this question, despite the efforts of the POCO itself, things are no longer clear. In addition, to better understand this mobile you should know that it is the same Redmi K30, a mid-range presented at the end of 2019 in China that follows the trend of what Xiaomi has been doing lately with its mobiles; present a mobile in your country and then rename it and launch it in another part of the world, in this case in India.

This is very curious, because Pocophone has become independent from Xiaomi. But, leaving aside this detail, Undoubtedly, the Poco X2 is an excellent mid-range mobile, like many other phones presented by Xiaomi in recent times.

The latter is precisely its weak point: the Pocophone F1 did not stand out for being another mobile mid-range but for offering high-end features at a ridiculously low price. So, if the new Poco X2 cannot match this experience due to its mid-high-end processor, What makes it different from the rest?, Can it really be considered the successor of Poco F1?

The Poco X2 is the successor of the Pocophone F1, yes or no?

No. It has been almost two years since the Pocophone F1 was introduced and since then the phones have improved in several aspects, especially in the mid-range, which is noted in this Poco X2. Nevertheless, by having the SD 730G, it leaves a slightly bitter taste in your mouth, particularly for those who expected the successor of the Pocophone F1 to have at least the Snapdragon 855.

This makes us think that, contrary to what many believe, Little X2 is not the true successor of Little F1, but a mobile that they wanted to use to revive the interest of the public by this brand. If so, it is most likely that during the year we meet the real Pocophone F2. Meanwhile, we just have to wait anxiously for this to happen.

The key to Poco X2 can be in your name

If you are not the successor to Pocophone F1 then … What does this new mobile paint in the Pocophone family? Good, the key can be precisely in your name and in the country where it has just been presented, India, which is also where its main rival, Realme, is breaking records.

Despite being a young brand, Really it has grown very fast and this worries a few manufacturers, particularly Xiaomi, who are beating on their own ground; manufacture mobile phones with an excellent quality / price ratio. The Realme X2 and X2 Pro are two phones that managed to be quite successful last year, which may explain why Pocophone's new mobile has been dubbed "Little X2."

A pun to confuse your direct rival. It will only be enough to compare Realme X2 with Poco X2 to see that the similarities are notorious, although the latter comes with a lower price, determined to end the competition at the cost of a significant reduction in the profit margin.

In summary, The reason for being of Poco X2 is not to replace Pocophone F1 but to compete with Realme X2. If this is the case, things will get very interesting between Realme and Xiaomi, which is sure to favor the user, who can enjoy very good phones at a gift price.

Is it worth buying the Poco X2?

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Yes, no doubt. Despite not being the successor to the Pocophone F1, the Poco X2 is still an excellent mobile, superior to many other current mid-range phones.

Few phones come with a large Full HD + IPS LCD HDR10 display and a 120 Hz refresh rate plus a powerful processor with special liquid cooling for those looking to spend hours playing. It also has a battery of 4500 mAh with good fast charge and set of cameras of the best in the mid-range, for a price that is around 240 in its basic version of 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory if it arrives in Europe.

Regrettably, We still have to wait to see if we officially reach Spain and the rest of Europe. However, it is a mobile that you should seriously consider if you are looking for replacement for your current mobile.

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