Instagram Direct will have reactions

Instagram is still on the crest of the wave and is about to launch a very curious update. This update consists of integrate reactions in Instagram Directs. This is something very similar to the reactions we find in the comments of Facebook or to indicate that something "I like", but in this case they will have a small animation.

Instagram reactions came as part of the responses to the Stories, but in this case they will also appear in private messages according to the @wongmjane filtering. That is, now, when they send us a message, we can click on it 2 times and a heart appears indicating that we liked that answer.

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With the next update, the thing change, and we can choose between 7 different reactions, without losing heart, of course. All of them with the animation feature in which the chosen icon It rises to the top edge of the screen.

Image - Instagram Direct will have reactions

As we said at the beginning of this article, the new Instagram reactions in your private messages are very similar to those of Facebook if we want to indicate that we like something.

Image - Instagram Direct will have reactions

But these reactions that come to Instagram Direct are in development and only a few have access to them until the work is finished and come to light in the form of an update for iOS and Android.

Remember that Facebook is the owner of Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, so it is not surprising that little by little they seem more. What we expect is that Instagram and WhatsApp never lose their essence.

Necessary or not, this social network needed a small change and improve direct messages. Although in our opinion he lacks to improve the audios, the sending of photos, some characteristics of the creative account, etc.

There is no departure date for this update, but given how advanced its development is, it is not surprising that it is with us in the next weeks.

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