HP will have a portable computer that can be reached at any event

HP will have a portable computer that can be reached at any event

Thanks to an alliance with Tile, HP will have the first localizable laptop on the market. The Dragonfly Elite incorporate an optional technology that allows its users to find it even if it is turned off or disconnected from the internet.

The integration work through an app and the equipment enabled to have a range of search and ring characteristics similar to those of the most powerful models of Tile, informed this company in the framework of CES 2020.

Citing a global survey whose details did not deliver, the firm based in San Mateo (California) states that almost half of the people have left home without the laptop and that 72 percent of the respondents rated a functionality as very or extremely valuable that would grant them the location of their lost computer.

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Forecasts indicate that more than 29 billion (29 billion) of Bluetooth devices will be sold in the next five years, with almost one billion (one billion) of them portable. That is why integrations and alliances are one of the main business pillars for Tile, complement.

The record company that since 2018 has announced collaborations with brands such as Bose and Sennheiser, as well as BLE chip manufacturers Nordic, Qualcomm and Toshiba. Today it counts about twenty associations and expects to double the number throughout 2020.

The alliance with HP comes at a time when from Tile we are rapidly expanding the integration business of our technology for other companies. We are delighted to innovate together with industry leaders to make everyday devices with added value such as laptops and make them localizable, ”commented its CEO, CJ Prober.

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