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How to create private games in Call of Duty Mobile

There is a large community behind this game, so share moments with friends in the modes on-line can become the basis of this COD Mobile. But I will bet that not everyone knows how to take advantage of this option, lazily looking for how it is done or simply, because they do not know. So in this simple tutorial We will show you how to create and customize private games to share with your friends in the game.

How to create private games, step by step

Once the game is open on our device Android, we go to the Multiplayer button and when we load the screen we will click on Private Game. Immediately after we show the menu with all the parameters to configure the game, how long it is, if we want there to be spectators, the limit of points or set a password For the private room.

On the other side of the screen, we have all the maps available to play in these games with friends, and the reference game modes already in Call of duty, such as the classic Team Duel, Against All, First Line or Weapon Game.

In the upper right corner, is where we will find a tab so we can go to Invite Friends that we previously had added in the game, either through Facebook or from the account of Activision. It only remains to add to those we want, we send them an invitation and when they accept it we will be ready to enter to play and eliminate our enemies. The games can incorporate up to 8 players, with the possibility of beating in duels 1 vs 1.

And to play in zombies? Many people will ask. Basically it is the same methodology, we go to the Zombies game mode and from that same menu we can invite up to 4 players to try to survive the waves of these creatures. As you can see, it is a very simple process, but many users do not start trying because they think they play alone. Big Error.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile

There may be user cases in Android They have not decided yet to try this fantastic game, one of the ones we enjoyed the past or without doubt. For this reason we invite you to download it at Google Play and tell us your experience in the comments.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile