How much does Wallapop charge?

Wallapop is probably the most popular platform, at least in Spain, for the sale or exchange of products that have already been used for the most part. Although we are probably thinking How much does Wallapop charge? What does the platform live on? Throughout this article we will solve these and many more doubts.

Wallapop is a platform which until a few years ago did not have any type of advertising. Today, The application has small ads located in the same feed where the items uploaded by customers are located.

Even if we advertise a product in Wallapop and manage to make the sale through the platform, This does not mean that Wallapop will charge us a percentage of what we get for a sale.

Creating an ad in Wallapop is really simple, once we have our ad and publish it, give us the option give you more visibility, although it is not necessary. This also happens when our ad takes a long time and we have to reactivate it.

By s create and publish an ad in Wallapop is free And as we say, everything we earn is ours. Since even Wallapop has the possibility of shipping.

If we don't highlight the ad Wallapop doesn't position it at the top, since in that section is where are those ads which have greater visibility. Although if we do not offer visibility, it does not have to do with that we are not going to sell an article quickly since Most users do not opt ​​for the payment option and decide to browse the rest of the ads.

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Wallapop earns money through advertising and with the possibility of highlighting ads in order to increase their visibility and that many more users can consult them. The price of highlighting an ad depends on the time and location that we want to be highlighted.

Before Wallapop had few categories, now we can advertise from a house, since Wallapop was introduced in the world of real estate to a pen through a vehicle.

Rates to highlight ads in Wallapop

Image - How much does Wallapop charge?

All items that are featured, will have a blue symbol. After the payment, we will not have to carry out any type of action just like when the days that we have acquired this automatically stand out.


This is the cheapest option of the four. Unlike the rest, not appear at the top, but appear in the feed as if it were another product with a yellow lightning symbol. Your options are as follows:

  1. 3 Das: 3.99 euros.
  2. 7 Das: 4.99 euros.
  3. 15 Das: 9.99 euros.

Distill it in your neighborhood

In Wallapop location is key, so, when selling an item, a wide area is shown at the bottom of the ad through which we indicate the item is found. In this case, the ad will be placed at the top, but Only in our neighborhood.

  1. 2 Das: 3.99 euros.
  2. 7 Das: 6.99 euros.
  3. 15 Das: 11.99 euros.

Destlolo in your city

Depending on how big the city we live is, this option may compensate us.

  1. 2 days: 5.99 euros.
  2. 7 days: 9.99 euros.
  3. 15 Das: 14.99 euros.

Distill it all over Spain

Finally, we have the possibility that all Spain can see our ad, although we have to keep in mind that it is the most expensive option of all.