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Google Home and Nest speakers run out of guest mode

Although unknown, the guest mode was an attractive feature of the Google Home and Nest speakers, which allowed guests to stream content without logging into the Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately for its users, the feature has disappeared from smart speakers without notice, as reported in the first instance by the Android Police site.

In parallel, the technology giant eliminated the cone corresponding to the function of the configuration menu for the family devices, Digital Trends contributed, as well as the support page from its help site.

Guest mode is still available for Chromecast devices, which suggests that the decision to remove it from the speakers is not related to a problem with that technology.

The removal also does not seem to be a mistake. The Google support page for Guest mode in Chromecasts is still active, but the speaker one has been removed. Its last version in cache is from October 30, 2019. Technically, the configuration is controlled by firmware updates, so there must be an update that deactivated the guest mode, Android Police theory.

Where s problems may exist is Sonos' lawsuit against Google for alleged violations of intellectual property and patents related to wireless speakers, a story that coincided with the development of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

While Amazon announced multiple updates for its Echo product line in the 2019 trabsurso, the season was not particularly active Google, with the exception of the Nest Mini.

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